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Human Resources: Business and Marketing (Essay Sample)

Please be sure to read the chapter text on the history of American unions. Your text describes the laws enacted - but doesn't include the accounts of the men and women who gave their lives for the rights of workers to join unions! I'm originally from Pittsburgh - and always was a major union supporter. Remember Ceasar Chavez and the migrant farm workers? But think about the billion dollar bail out proposed by the auto industry. Their cost structures are out of sight - due in part - to strong union demands for high wages. Because of concessions, there are unemployed auto workers who are paid $100,000/ year. As with every topic we've discussed this semester, unionism, too has major pros and cons surrounding it! Why do you think unionism is on the wane? Do you think unions will ever regain their membership strength and political influence? What are some of the new population targets unions are focusing on to recruit new membership? source..
Running Head: Business and Marketing
There has been gradual decline in number of working population who fall under the unions. This has been attributed to the changing market structures. Unstable business cycles, which are responsible for the frequent rise and falls in rates of employment and inflation, are also in away related to the decrease in unionism. Most of the institutions have adapted to more organized labor, this has left the unions with very little to do. Politically, political parties especially those on the opposing side of the government also played a significant role in supporting the unions. This increased union`s popularity and influence on the people (Beard).
Increase in competition globally, capital flight, and the change from manufacturing to services economy and the increased reliance on contingent and temporary workers, unions have been rendered irrelevant. Employers adapted repressive role which are directed to reducing the influence of the unions. Globalization has also had its share of the effects, though its effects are felt indirectly through increased employer`s flexibility in the market by deregulation and privatization.
In trying to maintain their presence and influence unions have been trying to oppose free trade initiatives such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and the inclusion of relevant labor standards if the agreement was to pass. Also in soliciting for their survival, recent engagements by unions in developing transitional labor and new codes of conduct for the corporat...
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