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1. In the first chapter, the authors discuss different ethical theories and moral philosophies. Do you think that the study of ethics in business is useful or just a waste of time? Is it possible to be ethical in a business environment? 2. Several years ago, I took my Chrysler "should never have been made and placed on the road" vehicle to a dealer for a tune-up. I had been able to change 3 of the 4 spark plugs, but could not remove the fourth. When I picked up my vehicle, I asked how it "went" and was told that all 4 spark plugs had been replaced. I asked to see the 4 old spark plugs and was immediately shown 4 old spark plugs from underneath the counter (many of you realize this is "standard" practice). I was of course amazed how the spark plugs from my vehicle ended up underneath the counter and asked the service manager to follow me to my car so that he could show me how easily the 4th "frozen" spark plug could be removed. Of course, the story then changed and I did not pay for that tune-up. I have "been cheated" at car repair shops many times since then. Have you ever been cheated at auto repair shops or at other business places? Check the "" website in Webliography. I always do before I purchase a new vehicle or take a vehicle for servicing. 3. Should corporations be responsible to investors (shareholders) or to society (a variety of stakeholders)? 4. Compare and contrast business ethics with social responsibility. Are the two concepts interchangeable? Can an unethical corporation be socially responsible? source..

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Business Ethics
There are several ethical theories that assist persons in dealing with business. This include metaethics which is a studies the original meaning of ethical issues and looks at whether they are social bred or emotional. It gives one who is managing the business good demeanor. Normative ethics comes to the moral values that determine ones behavior. Applied ethics has to do with moral standards on controversial issues such as corruption. Moral philosophies such as relativism: the extent to which universal moral rules, norms, or laws are declined by humans when making decisions. Idealism: is where a person`s judgment is determined by a concern for others and how the decision made would affect them determine how business and marketing is handled (Stackhouse Et al. 1995). The study of business ethics is helpful in the sense that it assists educating the student on how to conduct themselves and to get the best of their clients with all due honesty as that is when they make profit from referral of others.
It is very possible to be ethical in business as...
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