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MHA 615. Operational Plan. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment Objective
The goal of this project is to identify an operational problem, and launch a project to solve the problem, build an solution, action plan, deployment and sustainment plan.
In week 2 you identified an operational problem, which is the premise of building your operational plan.
The operational plan should answer the following questions:
What is the problem we are trying to solve?
Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
How do we get there?
How do we measure progress?
How to we ensure the progress is sustained?
Required Elements of your final paper
Executive Summary
Project charter (Week 2 - Build a Project Charter)
Budget, outlining the ROI - this does not have to be a gain in revenue
Problem solving method (Week 3 - Designing a Study)
Balanced Scorecard ( Week 6 - Balanced Score Card Assignment)
Value Stream Map (Week 4 - Value Stream Map)
Use of one statistical tool that you used to help understand the operational problem and assisted you in finding a solution during your project. Refer to Chapter 7 for examples of statistical tools. You must actually build a tool and discuss how you used it in your project.
Action Plan
Outcomes - including if you met your ROI and if not, why.
Ongoing monitoring of plan to ensure it is being sustained.
You are allowed to use the sections you built throughout the course in the paper.
Paper Requirements
Paper APA Format
10-page minimum
Meeting all required elements of the paper
Supporting tools should be in the appendix and not the body of the paper - please make sure you understand, per APA guidelines what should be in the appendix v. the actual paper.
4 credible references


MHA 615
Executive Summary
Employee retention is a significant issue that Concord Medical Centre faces, among other organizations, which should be solved to reduce staff turnover and other negative consequences. Employee retention is a process that involves scrutinizing the skills of various employees and applying them to improving the organization's productivity each day. Employee retention will be improved by implementing various strategies to motivate the employees and ensure their morale is high. The human resource will be responsible for identifying the solution to employee retention, identifying various strategies, implementing retention programs, and monitoring the results. This project's data will be collected through interviews by giving questionnaires to employees to get their feedback. Establishing an employee retention program in Concord Medical Centre will ensure the organization solves the employee retention issue, retaining their excellent skills to facilitate the institution's smooth running.
Project Charter
Project Mission Statement
This project will focus on employee retention at Concord Medical Center, through offering a competitive salary package, training, and development, solving relationships and performance issues and offering career path development.
Project Scope
Concord Medical Center is a 244- bed hospital that serves Contra Costa and southern Solano counties. The facility is well known for its cancer and cardiac care including open heart surgery and cardiology. They also run orthopedic, neurology and general surgery programs. Due to its contribution and ability to address some of the most disturbing diseases, the facility receives high number of patients. This has often resulted to work burnout among staff leading to a high staff turnover rate. This has consequently affected the quality of services leading to low returns. The aim of this project is to address the problem by looking into the employee welfare and at the possibility of offering a competitive salary package. Moreover, given the hospital mostly focuses on cancer and other related illness, it will require that the employees be taken through training and career development for them to update their knowledge in the field. Further, this project will also review work-life balance so as to have a balanced approach in the employee performance against their social life and relationships. We believe these strategies will work to bolster the staff morale and enhance employee retention amid rising needs for medical staff.

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