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Online School (Essay Sample)


Your company, a large online high school, is planning to implement a new innovative social networking technology for their students. The technology would allow students to get to know one another, network, and participate in school activities, such as having virtual student body elections and virtual student committees. The company feels that the ability to have this type of interaction and involvement among students will set the school above the competition. As the Chief Innovation Officer, you are responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the chosen technology. The company must decide between developing their own social networking system or acquiring a small online high school that has already started development on a similar type of system and is struggling financially. Your director, the company CEO, has come to you with some specific concerns and questions regarding which technology to select. Submit a one-page response to your director answering all of the following questions: 1. What factors must be considered when implementing an innovative technology internally? What factors must be considered when implementing an externally acquired innovative techology? How do the implementaion issues differ? How are they the same? 2. What factors must be considered when evaluating an internally implemented innovative technology? Why? 3. What factors must be be considered when acquiring an innovative technology externally? Why?


Online School
Online School
As the chief innovations officer, it is important to analyze various factors prior to purchasing of any technology whether the technology would permit students to interact meaningfully and participate in important activities like virtual student's election and virtual student committees. It means that the product must be able to meet the intended needs of the users. This is to ensure that the school does not spend funds on devices that will not be useful to both students and the school faculty (Bennett et al., 2012).
As the chief innovations officer, in the process of implementing innovative technology some of the internal factors to be considered include the availability of resources to implement such initiatives. The school can review several options if the resources are limited; this includes engaging existing personnel within the school. For example, the school can engage computer programmers who can develop effective technology for students (Bennett et al., 2012).
The other option can be to use the existing program and improving its features to save the school allot of time that would have been spent on creating a program from scratch. The school programmers can create a program that can easily meet the students and staff needs without necessarily sourcing from an external information technology expert. There will give an assurance that the process of creating this new program will be aligned to the schools specification and is likely to be free of errors (Bennett et al., 2012).
When implementing any changes especially in schools, the school administrator needs to be involved in each and every stage of implementation. Their attitude and action regarding the new technology will encourage other staffs to actively participate and try out the new technology. Engaging the school administrator will ensure that the use of technology is prioritized (Van Dusen, 2014).
For the future sustainability of the new technological initiative, there is need to source from support from key technological institutions. These include universities, education research institutions, and software companies. Software companies or graduate students through their philanthropic activities can provide technical assistance hence reduce the cost of maintaining the program (Van Dusen, 2014).
Other factors to consider when evaluating an internally implemented innovative technology is the level...
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