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Why Social Networking Sites Do More Harm Than Good? (Speech Presentation Sample)


Prepare an third version of your group campaign or partner speech worksheet that incorporates evidence and research material, using strategies and insights from our previous week's guest speaker. I would expect at least 12-15 cited sources to be referenced during the presentation/speech in support of your campaign/speech (whether those sources are used to explain the problem that your solution/campaign will solve or whether those sources are evidence of why your solution will work, etc. Consider the in-class example of how much data/research/evidence John Oliver used in his show's speech on the uselessness of the penny). Complete an annotated bibliography for each of your sources in MLA or APA style.
Examples of annotated bibliographies can be found at the following websites:

Why Social Networking Sites Do More Harm Than Good why Social Networking Sites Do More Harm Than Good

General purpose statement: To persuade
Specific purpose statement: Persuade the audience that social networks do more harm than good.
Social networking sites are popular among the youth and adults, but more so among teenagers. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, and Chat rooms. Users create profiles and have access to these online platforms using their login in details
Harmful impact of social networking sites
There is a need to limit access to social media networking sites among teenagers to protect them from cyber harassment and leaking of personal information (Trotter, 2006) and Krebs (2008).
Young adolescents are at a high risk of being targeted by internet predators as they are active social media users and vulnerable (Miller, Thompson, & Franz, 2009).
Social networking illusions create the illusion that people are connected to real friends, but they communicate via online platforms and they may not build meaningful relationships using the sites (Booher, 2014).
Social media networking sites have allowed instant communication, but violent groups and terrorists have used the platforms to create disturbance, spread violence and misinformation (Thomsen, 2013).
In any case, it is difficult to undo the damage to the society when groups coordinate their criminal or unlawful activities using the anonymity of social networking sites even as they harm the peace and security of the affected communities (Austen, 2013)
According to Harvey (2014), dealing with social networking trolls, stalkers and spammers is not a straight forward affair as there is a risk that accounts may be suspended despite providing crucial information for simply sending the same information to many people.
There is a risk that adolescents and mentally unstable people may be encouraged to engage in risky behavior through popular social...
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