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Michael Bloomberg vs. New York Teachers’ Union Business Essay (Essay Sample)


In 2010, New York State passed a law that required its school districts to develop more stringent teacher-evaluation systems. Local school districts and their unions were assigned a task for specifying certain criteria of their new systems by January 17, 2013. New York City was going to receive benefits of $250 million in aid and another $200 million in grants if the agreement was reached on a new system, a 4% increase in state aid. However, as the January 17th deadline approached, Bloomberg and New York Teachers’ Union were not even close to reaching an agreement.
• As a top negotiator, you were asked to design a strategy using a win-win situation for both parties. 
• Identify the four steps of Integrative Negotiation Process, and conduct analysis of how these four steps might help you in designing your negotiation strategy.


Michael Bloomberg Vs. New York Teachers’ Union
Student’s Name
Michael Bloomberg Vs. New York Teachers’ Union
Both the New York City and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) had a lot to gain from a new evaluation system. If the negotiating parties had come to a timely agreement, the results would be better teachers and state funding. Unfortunately, the parties could not come to an agreement. According to Garrett (2005), understanding the big picture is essential when planning a negotiation. As such, it is important for negotiators to begin with the end in mind. In the case of Bloomberg versus UFT, the bigger picture was bound to benefit both parties. It is deducible that the parties did not understand the bigger picture. The four steps in the integrative negotiation process can be used to design a strategy for the parties to arrive an agreement that favors both parties.

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