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The Project Looks At The Price Of Houses In London (Essay Sample)


Because there are many areas of the city, you must concentrate on only 2 areas.
You are to compare and comment on the similarities and differences in the prices of houses in the two locations.
Provide some historical background of London.
Introduce your chosen area
You could obtain your data:
From “The Journal” on Saturday
By asking estate agents for their in-house magazines
Estate agents specialise in different areas.
But it is much easier
to visit estate agents’ websites.
These can give you lots of raw data
. . . collect appropriate data that can be used to carry out a statistical analysis
. . . carry out a statistical analysis of house prices in two areas of London.
. . . write a report that presents the analysis in words and graphs.
. . . draw conclusions.
A front cover with a title and your name.
An introduction to say what you expect to find from your observations of the areas and a brief background of the chosen areas.
A discussion of where you got your data from.
A discussion about how you chose your data.
Tables of data.
Boxplots and other charts or graphs
A discussion of what you have found.
Conclusions about the house prices in the two areas.
A list of raw data as an appendix.


The Price of Houses in London
Author Name
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London is home to the world’s best and most appealing museums, theaters, shopping centers, restaurants, and nightclubs. Defeating Paris and New York, London has become the most expensive city in the world having an approximate population of 13.5 million. Buying a house in this Britain city has always been a dream of every person, but the property prices have skyrocketed, and it may not be possible for everyone to buy a luxury house or apartment in London (Åkerlund, 2013).
Comparing Two Areas of London
As of now, Hampstead and Chelsea are the two most expensive residential areas of London. Hampstead is widely known for its artistic, literary, musical and intellectual associations. It is believed that the village of Hampstead has hundreds of millionaires within its boundaries. On the other hand, Chelsea has a history of being home to Kylie Minogue, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. It comes as no surprise that this area is famous among celebrities and fashion models due to its appealing

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