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Up-Cycle Leaf Litter in New York City (Research Paper Sample)


Basically, just write every stakeholder that can be involved in up cycling leaf litter from government to people, from environment to specifically how it affects NYC, etc.


Leaf Litter in New York City
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Up-cycling, also known as the creative reuse, can be defined as a sophisticated yet effective method of converting waste materials into reusable and environment-friendly products for better and efficient use. As one of the largest and most amazing cities in the world, New York generates over 12 million tons of trash or leaf litter on an annual basis (2005). Not only this but also it is considered America’s densest area with lots of traffic-jammed streets that have become the hub of garbage and useless materials. Most of the city’s trash is managed through effective waste-management programs, and several private and government agencies get involved. Furthermore, trains, trucks and other types of vehicles are used to bring the garbage from city’s center to distant areas where there is no population. The entire process may not be possible without the involvement of the government as well as the citizens (Themelis, 2002).
Every year, insects like snow bugs, spiders, earthworms and springtails originate and increase in number as a result of excessive pollution, and the situation has taken a severe form in New York City (Johnson, 2006). The government itself cannot do anything until or unless we play our own roles too. For example, we can plant more and more trees, reduce the number of factories and vehicles that pollute our environment on a daily basis, and can manage our household wastes properly. Doing so, we will ensure the sustainability and stability of our environment. It’s safe to say that neither the citizens nor the government is taking this thing seriously in New York City (Greene & Tonjes, 2014).
With the passage of time, New York has become a mind-blowing place filled with predators, hyperparasites, parasites, symbiosis, and herbivores. The leaf litter spread here and there directly or indirectly contributes to this issue. To an extent, leaf litter creates habitat for useful wildlife, but its excess is creating a mess for the citizens and polluting the air on a daily basis. Today, unlike various other cities of the United States, New York generates up to 15 million tons of trash or leaf litter every year, and the amount is likely to double in next few years (2005). As of now, it is being managed both publically and privately. The public system

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