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log302mod2ca (Essay Sample)

Welcome to the second case study for this course. Click HERE to link to the ProQuest data base or click directly on the journals below to read the article listed below and then in a 3-4 page paper answer the following: Q1. Describe the quality control implications of the major changes that have taken place in food chains today compared to the past. Q2. Why is it important to understand cultural diversity and political differences when implementing quality control initiatives at the global scale? Q3. Discuss the role and importance of the "6-Ts" (Traceability, Transparency, Testability, Time, Trust, and Training) relative to food supply chain quality management. Aleda V Roth, Andy A Tsay, Madeleine E Pullman, John V Gray (2008, Jan) Unraveling the Food Supply Chain: Straegic Insights from China and the 2007 Recalls, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Tempe, Vol. 44, Iss. 1; pg. 22. 18 pgs. Abstract: The March 2007 pet food recall and a rapid progression of comparable incidents have exposed the real potential for food supply chain contamination and disruptions. When organizations source via multilayered supply chains with poor visibility they are particularly vulnerable. In this paper, we develop a conceptual framework called the "Six Ts" of supply chain quality management - traceability, transparency, testability, time trust and training - which are relevant for any product but are especially critical to the preservation of public welfare through a safe food supply. We describe the globalization of food supply chains and present data on the trends of U.S. food import volumes, both in aggregate and specifically from China. We also highlight the inherent difficulties and risks posed by global food supply chains, using those originating in China as an example. Finally, we provide a research agenda and questions to be addressed regarding the application of the six Ts in global food supply chain management. Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Assignment Expectations Expectations for the assignment are concerned with the work displaying an understanding of why quality initiatives, such as Six Sigma, are an important element in managing a logistics system. It is expected that the paper will contain critical thinking, logic, and synthesis skills in assessing the management challenges of introducing quality principles into a global supply chain. source..
Business: Case Study Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (6, April, 2011) Discuss the decision criteria that should be considered when assessing the pros and cons of entering into a Vendor Managed Inventory arrangement with major suppliers? There are various ways in which organizations and companies out in the market places are supposed to conduct their objectives and thus enhancing the organizations to excel in the market today. Some of those decisions that are supposed to be conducted by an organization include the delivery of good and services from the company’s supplier to its customers; which in this case the manufacturer of the goods and services is the supplier of the goods and services. On the other hand the consumer is the company that will be receiving the goods and services from the supplier thus providing a clear distinction between the supplier and the customer in the trade. The use of the Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) is proving to be of great benefit to these companies as opposed to the initial types of delivery agreement that existed before. In this system the supplier of the commodities will take full responsibility of the products that he intends to supply to his consumers (Saxena, 2009). This is slightly different from the previous method where the supplier of the product is responsible to the products of the consumers till the product is delivered to the consumer. While in the Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) the supplier is responsible for the product until when the product is consumed; thus when the product is damaged it is still the supplier responsibility to compensate the products until the product is consumed by the customer. Does a Vendor Managed Inventory system support a "lean" approach to supply chain management? Explain! The Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) is seen as one type of agreement provides a fair ground in the supply chain management and thus support its introduction and implementation in the supply chain management. The policies that govern the Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) are able to give the buy...
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