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Organizational Diagnosis (Essay Sample)

XCG THE EXCELLENT CONSULTING GROUP COMMUNICATION FROM ART: Thanks for your report on the strategy analysis of Palm. We need to move ahead on the next project. HP and Palm have decided they want to do an Organizational Diagnosis to determine how various aspects of Palm are aligned such as inputs, resources, productivity, throughput effort, outputs, performance, strategy, etc. They want to know if there are any glaring issues at Palm and how these issues might affect its integration into HP. There is some disagreement in the Excecutive ranks as to which OD method of model should be used. Some Execs have familiarity with a couple of models, but it seems to be only based on what they have read or heard about. So you need to explore some models and determine their strengths and weaknesses. And ultimately you need to recommend which one is best for using at Palm. So you will also need to determine what are the several critical issue facing Palm. The Execs want you to include the 7S Model, the Congruence Model, and the Burke-Litwin Model in your analysis. And I want you to pick three or four more models to include as well - so we have a well-rounded group of OD models. Case Expectations: Your report should include the following: 1. For each of the models you are analyzing (six or seven), a brief overview of what the model does. 2. Clearly identify the strengths and weakness of each model. 3. Identify and discuss two or three issues that Palm Co is facing. 4. Determine which model you think is the best model to use. 5. Make a recommendation. I expect you to Make a Stong Case. Explain why your selection would be the best choice. Explain how the recommended model can be used to help diagnose the issues you have identified. 6. This should be a 5 page paper Use headings and subheadings throught paper for ease of reading source..

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Organizational Diagnosis Models
Organizational development is the most significant attribute that leads the management of an organization towards the attainment of the organizational goals. But yet organizational development is a broad term that encompasses various practices and aspects. Organizational diagnosis is one of the functional aspects of organizational development that proposes a set of diagnostic tools to effectively evaluate the progress of an organization, presents the analysis of an organization current standing along with the strengths and weaknesses of the organizational structure.
The formal notion that forms the mainstream of organizational diagnosis is explained by various researchers. Six widely accepted and implemented organizational diagnostic models that serve as a parameter of analyzing the organizational development are , Four frame model, Star model, 7- S model, Congruence model, Burke- Litwin Model and Weisbord’s Six-Box Model (Noolan).
Four Frame Model
The four frame model proposed by Bolman and Deal mainly encompasses the managerial expertise. The model explains four specified structural views that the management needs to consider. It mainly emphasizes on the importance of a 360 degree view of an organization by the management. Rather than relying on broad data the management needs to effectively analyze the four specified areas namely the structure, the political the human resource and the symbolic (Falletta, 2005). The structural view deals mainly with the coordination within an organization, the relationships, structure and the policies. The need to pay attention on the human resource of an organization is mainly to cater the need of the employees, establish healthy employee employer relationship and to promote a healthy environment so that the employees can exercise their skills to the best. The political frame is equally important to consider as the management should be vigilant that how the supervisors are exercising their powers over the subordinates. And the illegitimate politics should be eradicated. The final rather the most important frame is the symbolic frame. As a matter of fact the organizational members are bounded by an ethnocentric force created by the organizational culture and customs. This force has more binding energy than the organizational goals, so it is hereby required by the organization to effectively maintain the symbolic strength of organizational symbols and should ensure that these symbols do not lose their meaning for the members of the organization.
Strength of the four frame model
The four frame model is an effective model as it allows the management to analyze the internal affairs of the organization from four different viewpoints. These practices allow the management to be more rational is decision making and inculcating new morals, leadership and developing...
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