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Memo for the Supervisory Team on InterClean Inc–EnviroTech Merger and Managers Behavior (Essay Sample)

2. Individual Assignment: Management Behavior Imagine you are a midlevel sales manager at InterClean, Inc. with three first-level managers under your responsibility. In response to a merger that is about to take place with EnviroTech, you have been instructed to draft a memo to your supervisory team about the importance of the behavior exhibited by managers. - Review the InterClean–EnviroTech Merger Scenario on the student website. - Write a 700- to 1,050-word memo that includes the following information: o Explain how a manager's behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers. o Describe the types of management action that align with employment laws and those that do not. o Describe best practices for working within a diverse work environment. Note. Be sure to draw from your experiences and readings for each aspect of your memo. source..

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(15, October, 2010)
Memo for the Supervisory Team on InterClean Inc–EnviroTech Merger and Managers Behavior
To: Supervisory Team
From: (My Name, Initials and Job title (Sales Manager))
Date: 15th October 2010
Subject: InterClean–EnviroTech Merger and Managers Behavior
As you are all aware, we are in the next few weeks going to change our strategy in doing business and merge with EnviroTech. As a result of the merger, it is important to note that a manager’s behavior can affect productivity. I thus seek to bring to your attention type of management action that are in line with employment laws and those that do not and bringing forth the best practice to work within a diverse work environment.
I would like to know you take on the same through a letter, and then we discuses further modalities afterwards.
Mangers Behavior and productivity
Good leadership and management are integral part of a successful organization. Leadership a process whereby an individual has the ability to influence thoughts, ideas and actions of others in achieving a set of preset goals, tasks, duties and responsibilities. These indeed are desirable to achieving desired goals. Mangers as leaders due to the merge can either positively or negatively influence productivity of the new entity (Robbins, 2003).
The aspects of attitude, performance, accuracy and attendance do come in play when considering managers behavior. Accordingly, these factors plus others can be condensed into;
Group achievement order
Personal enhancement
Dynamic achievement
Security and maintenance
Using once authority to influence subordinates
Managers that have positive attitude and arrive at decision in most cases after arriving at consensus with top managers as well as his subordinates fosters an environment of trust and ownership of ideas. Thus employees will strive to attain set goals since they were part of setting such goals. It has been noted that managers with positive attitude leads to productive employees, once the later notice that their supervisor has a negative attitude towards his/her work, they will also develop such attitude and negatively impact on productivity.
The ability to use authority to positively influence subordinates is important in enhancing productivity. If one has low influence...
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