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Finance: Walmart (Essay Sample)

Industry is Walmart - I will need to write only an introduction and conclusion discussing the below topic. a financial initiative from the managements message to the shareholders using its most recent annual report and other financial statements submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. source..
Running head: FINANCE
Business and Marketing
Business and Marketing
The global world has been marked with many business challenges and market competitiveness. As a result therefore there has been great variation in the overall turn over of the organization. Following the end of the financial year, the management would like to write this report to all the stake holders of the organization. The report focuses on computing liquidity, operating, financial and equity return of the organization. It focuses on analyzing the ratio of the organizations liability to the assets as well as the accounts receivable turn over credit sales with respect to the accounts receivable (James, 2010). The management takes the report a step further by computing the operating profits of the organization by comparing the value of the assets and the liabilities. The report also contains some recommendations which are essential for ensuring development and sustainability of the organization in the next financial year.
In conclusion therefore, the financial year which has ended reflects the organizational potential of growth. It was reflected that the organization made higher profits than the subsequent previous years. A reason for the increase in profit was the excellent marketing strategies which were implemented by the beginning of the financial year. Another reason was the progressive training of our employees in the whole year. This has enabled the organization to have a reliable and competitive workforce. The newly and positive working environment which was established at the beginning of this year has powered the growth of the organization to that l...
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