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International Economic Strategies Analysis Paper (Essay Sample)

International Economic Strategies Analysis Paper Your firm has developed a very popular, up-scale but reasonably priced, cook ware line of goods. You produce designs in a number of countries, manufacturing in low-cost locations, and with retail outlets in major U.S. and European cities. Demand is increasing and you have access to plenty of production capacity and capital. Compose a 4-5 page analysis paper that answers the following questions: a. How should you organize the business outside of the U.S.? b. Should you set-up reasonably independent companies, subsidiaries, in each foreign market? c. What would that do and not do for you? d. Or, do you want to impose a strict brand image, procedures, and central planning from headquarters, where your offices are? e. What are the pros and cons of this approach? source..
Running head: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES ANALYSIS International Economic Strategies Analysis Name: Institution: Instructor`s Name: Course: Abstract This is an economic analysis for a cookware retail line company, which has enjoyed strong financial success in the American and European markets. The research has recommended that the company uses alliances for their international market entry method in order to enjoy the benefits of reduced costs and increased experiential knowledge through alliances with local manufacturers, distributors and marketers. However since, there is strong competition from low priced cookware from Asian and eastern European nations, the company has been recommended to brand their product line to enjoy the growing market for high end and branded cookware in America, Europe and middle class Asian markets. Keywords: internationalization, alliances, market entry The necessity of taking businesses abroad and the attraction of international customers make entrepreneurs create innovative and effective strategies that will internationalize businesses. The goal of this report is to internationalize a cookware retail line store through the alliance globalization strategy that will consider the trend in foreign direct investments the company can enjoy, export and import markets. Before the cookware retail outlet is internationalised, several international strategies must be considered. The first is to clearly define the businesses situational analysis of the company by looking at economic, cultural, political and competitive environment of the company (Nicholas, Mark and Hayley, 2007). The report will then make a follow up with a market entry mode that the company can use to internationalize. The situational analysis reveals the current economic aspect of the company and its products in the market. The company has managed to develop an up scale cook ware range of products which are reasonably priced and are very popular among the retail market in America and main European cities. The current American cookware market is growing at an annual rate of 7%, with the upscale market segment at a faster rate of 18% (ESB, 2011). On the other hand, the European market consumption for cookware grew from 18.3 billion Euros in 2003 at a significant momentum at a rate of 8.2% annually. Major countries increased their consumption of high end cookware products by 20% for UK, 16% for Italy, 15% for Germany, 7% for Spain and 4% for Netherlands (SEB, 2011). Therefore, since the company has already significant presence in the American and European markets and the strong growth of the cookware market for these regions, the company has huge potential in other regions and cities of the world. Moreover, the company is enjoying the benefit of increased consumer awareness of the company`s high end products, and demand which has increased sales...
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