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Business Proposal (Essay Sample)

This essay is used for presentation, please have some creative elements. Use transactions You must prepare a business proposal aimed at future investors, and/or partners. You may propose a start-up business, a new product or service, or the expansion of a current business or product line. Investment budget = $500,000 over 5 years Introduction:  Who am I: a student graduated from cooking school and worked for a bakery story for 5 years  Audience: Future investor  Propose for this presentation: to persuade him/her to invest 500,000 over 5 years to my new bakery store  Contents: Reasons for open a bakery store How to begin How to operate Reasons for open a bakery store:  profitable  passions  well prepare (I have everything I need to open this Bakery store) How to begin  where is the store location: (demography, rent expense)  Purchase equipments, hiring people, products design. (briefly)  advertising How to operate (for the coming 5 years)  product part (developing and promote new product for certain period of time)  marketing part ( do research on customer needs and advertising)  human resource part (training, motivating, positive and negative reinforcement, and so on) Conclusion: Recall and emphases my business is profitable. TIPS o(∩_∩)o Use transitions: Please use transition words How to begin  Ask a question  Tell them a story  Use a quote  Shock with statements or facts  Remind the audience of what brought you here  Tell a joke (make sure it is appropriate to topic) Body (3:15 – 4 minutes) about 90 words per key point, 270 words for 3 key point  Talk to them about it Development of main points, ideas and opinions  Arguments  Research and facts  Three key points  Logical flow  Creative element Conclusion (30 – 45 seconds) about 60 words  Remind them of what you have said and what this means to them  Summary of important points  Reminder of presentation objective  Call to action  Tie-back to your introduction Use transitions: Please use transition words source..

Business Proposal
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(Nov, 27, 2011)
What actually comes to one`s mind when he thinks of bakery? Let`s think in chronological order; B for bread, A for almonds, E for eggs, R for red velvet cakes and off course Y for Yummy. In actual a bakery is much more than this. It is luring, resourceful, marketable and off course profitable too.
Reasons for opening a bakery store
First of all, people can never stop eating so there will always be an endless demand of food by human being. As per the statistical data of Canada, a large number of people in Canada use bakery product in their breakfast and the ratio are considerably increasing. On the other hand, bakery business added around $2.7 billion to GDP of Canada in 2010 and the trend is on the increasing side from past 8 years ( Thus, a lavishing payback and my passion as a baker can make this investment a very profitable venture.
How to begin?
Firstly the store will be located in any housing society at Ottawa. It would be on lease and the building area would be large enough to be used as a retail store as well as a restaurant area. Baking area would be at back side of the store thus covered area requirements are computed by keeping in mind this factor as well. Estimated requirement for Land is 5080 sq. feet which would charge around $206248 as total lease payments for next 5 years.
Estimated cost of Machinery is $106500 and the machinery would depreciate over a period of next five years.
I recommend hiring 4 bakers for the efficient functioning of business. As per statistics, basic salary for one baker in Canada per month must be around CAD 1090.95 to CAD1401.75 ("Baker (ovenman) salaries,â...
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