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In the Shark Tank, Reality TV Review Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


In the Shark Tank, Realty TV Review
Watch one episode from season 9 of the realty TV show, “In the Shark Tank”. You can view episodes on television or through the Web at http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com. Type “in the shark tank” in the search menu. Here is an introduction to the TV program that aired on the Today Show - http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=G9BGc3yxJ8Q. Additional information on the show, and its current season is available at http://inthesharktank(dot)com.
Select one entrepreneur scenario shown on the video or in the TV program. Describe in detail the entrepreneur, the product, service, or company presented, and the amount of money and ownership stake requested.
Explain the outcome and whether the ‘sharks’ (venture capitalists) were willing to invest in the business. What happened during the entrepreneur’s sales presentation?
Analyze your own thoughts, ideas, and behaviors. Do you agree with the outcome? What was good about it? What wasn’t that attractive? If you were the entrepreneur, what would you have done differently?
What was the reaction of the ‘sharks’? (e.g. the venture capitalists) Are you comfortable with how the ‘sharks’ interacted with the entrepreneur? The questions they asked, their response to the business, etc? Should they have asked any additional questions or is there anything you think they missed? Which venture capitalist were you most impressed with? Least impressed with? Why?
What advice would you give an entrepreneur presenting in front of a venture capitalist group, such as the sharks?
Your report and synopsis should be typed, double spaced, and approximately 3-4 pages in length.
Please follow APA Guidelines: Double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Title Page, in-text citations, Reference page.


In the Shark Tank, Reality TV review
In the Shark Tank, Reality TV review
One of the entrepreneur scenarios in the Shark Tank reality show represents an investor who comes up with designer handbags that the buyers would not need to open to recognize their callers anytime their phone rings in the bag. According to the entrepreneur, the bag is made to save time because one will not need to open it whenever they receive calls and they can alternatively choose whether to pick or ignore the calls before indulging in the hustle of identifying the caller. In this case, people can operate their phones from outside the handbag. On the other hand, the entrepreneur requested for an investment of $25000 in the exchange of 2.5% of the company selling the bags once the investment kicks off (ABC News, 2009). Although the amount of money at stake is high, the return on profit is ideal and the in Shark Tank might realize the viability in the idea. However, the opinion of some members of the organization may not support the idea, resulting in rejection of the investment.

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