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How do you Address Gender, Diversity Issues as a Leader? (Essay Sample)


How do you address gender, diversity issues as a leader?
Only use the attachment [(Yukl, G. (2013). Leadership in Organizations .8th Edition. Upper Saddle River. Pearson Publishers.)], as the reference/citation when answering.


Gender Diversity

Addressing Gender Diversity as a Leader
One of the most important roles of a leader is to promote gender diversity in the workplace. One of the ways that he or she can achieve this is by giving everyone equal opportunities despite their gender(Yukl, 2013). One of the areas where gender discrimination is experienced is during selection and promotion processes. Some leaders consider one gender more superior and thereby give persons from that gender a higher priority as compared to those of the other gender. One of the best ways to deal with this is to ensure that anyone who applies for a job is tested in same areas, and those who perform best are given a chance to work with the company despite their gender. The same criteria should be used while considering employees for promotion. Every employee should be treated equally and promoted based on performance and merit thus promotion of gender diversity.
A leader could further promote gender diversity by encouraging tolerance and appreciation of the differences brought by gender diversity in the workplace (Yukl, 2013). Some members of the staff may have a negative attitude towards the opposite gender. It is the responsibility of the leader to promote cohesion and integration between the employees in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness from the workforce. One of the ways that leaders can manage to encourage tolerance for diversity is by giving employees a chance to participate in diversity training programs and seminars. They educate employees on the importance of appreciating diversity in the workplace. They could also use strategies that discourage discrimination such as considering gender diversity tolerance of an employee as part of the determining factors of a promotion. This would help to disc...
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