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Forum Discussion Questions (Essay Sample)


Chapter 5
1. Identify the consequences of having dissatified employees, and describe ways of applying the four theories of job satisfaction to boost job satisfaction.
2. Define intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction (this is not in the textbook, explore other sources).
Chapter 6
1.Explain how goals can be set to motivate high levels of job performance.
2.How can jobs be designed so as to enhance motivation?
Please remember to support your answers with textbook citings and a peer-reviewed/scholarly journal. You should have three to four (3-4) supporting materials for your original discussion post. Please supply references at the bottom of your post with proper APA referencing for your sources, and include APA formatted citations within your responses. 
Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. References should be within the last 10 years


Chapter 5 & 6 Forum Discussion Questions
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Chapter 5
Employee satisfaction is vital to an organization’s overall success. There are several consequences of dissatisfied employees including low productivity, poor customer services, high turnover and loss in revenue (Saiyadain, 2009). Dissatisfied employees normally spend less time doing their jobs. Lack of motivation can be seen as an impact of low performance. Customer loyalty reduces when employees are discontented with their jobs. Employee turnover is an indication of employee dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied employees also affect the reputation of the organization because they tend to talk negatively about the organization.
Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs can be applied to identify motivational needs that employees require to get in order to be motivated to work. Herzberg’s theory of hygiene model can be applied to eliminate factors that lead to job dissatisfaction and develop conditions that create job satisfaction (Landy and Conte, 2010). In McGregor’s theory X and Theory Y, theory X can be applied to offer effective supervision to employees who must be pushed in order to work while theory Y can be used to develop better results and performance and enable employees develop and grow their job responsibilities. Managers can apply Victor Vroom’s expectancy to provide realistic goals which inspire employees while linking ef...
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