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Conducting Successful Meetings (Essay Sample)


The success of a team is created through the members' ability to communicate effectively with each other. Effective communications among team members is important to implement the team’s goals successfully. Reflect on a successful team that you are aware of, either through personal experience or in the media. Critique the leader’s communication style in relation to the success of the team. Can a team be successful if a leader does not communicate effectively? What are some techniques you would use to improve your communications when leading a team?


Conducting Successful Meetings
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Working in First Choice Technologies was a beautiful experience of the impacts of good communication on the performance of a team. From the managers to junior members, information was shared efficiently without ambiguity or confusion to every player in the organization. The team members could not hold on a wrong practice without sensitizing the manager on the incidence and the best foot forward to solve the existing challenge. While some of the supervisors could make follow-ups and inspection of the workers, it was different with the organization manager. The bottom of this critique is on the significant of the effective communication (Kreuzer, 2012).
In general, effective communication is pivotal in creating the team synergy that powerfully influences the response of the members to the instructions from their leaders. It dwells on creating the opportunity for the contribution of the team members in the decision-making, thus instilling a strong sense of loyalty and identity. Interaction of leaders with the other working mates helps in building trust, friendship and the harmony for high productivity (Kreuzer, 2012). Critically, the organization goals are best addressed in a meeting if the individual members have a say in such meetings. In such a platform, the team members develop a sense of cohesion with one another and also with their leaders.
Transformational and translational leaders can improve their communications skills by developing individual characteristics. Team members tend to follow instructions from trustworthy and transparent leaders. When leaders have no hidden agendas in their capacity, they put every effort to ensure that the members are working together in meet the organizations’ vision. Also, the team develops confidence under a focused and stable minded person. Good leaders focus imperatively on the success of a particular project irrespective the pressure from internal or external sources. This attribute ensures that no activity goes unplanned. Objectivity and fairness also promot...
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