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journal Entry for Exercise 9.3 (Essay Sample)

Chapters 9 and 10 explore purpose and empowerment. As you read, reflect and write, you may find exercise 9.3 (p. 129) to be valuable. Chapter 10, exercise 10.2 (p. 137) and 10.5 (p. 140) are very thought-provoking. Of course, the choice of focus for your own entry is yours as always. please do it as it asks about and don't be so professional i'm an international student. source..

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Entry for Exercise 9.3
There are many situations when I am living my purpose. They include when I am studying to achieve the goals of my career, when I am volunteering in community work to help my community and when I am living how I am supposed to live in my religion. The most powerful moments come when I spend time with children. I am always amazed because they are very innocent. They are always happy because they do not have responsibilities and their minds are pure. When I am with them I am glad and I want to do something to protect them so that they can have a good future. Because of this, I take time to talk with the children I interact with. I listen to their challenges and help or advice them where I am able.
Entry for Exercise 10.2
I shared my leadership story with my roommate one day when we were having free time in our room. I told him of the story about how it is difficult to convince people to invest in our volunteer activities. I also told him how sometimes it is difficult to balance reading and my leadership activities. I then asked him to tell me about his story. He is more experienced and he told me a lot of good things. He told me how he also experienced the same problems and how to overcome them. He told me to give each activity its own time so that I do not do one activity a lot and it affects the other activity. He also gave me a list of non-profit organizations which can help our volunteer group in case we need assistance. From this activity, I learnt that if we share our challenges with other leaders who have had the same problems, they can help us to solve them.
Entry for Exercise 10.5
As one of the leaders in my volunteer group, I want to ensure that group members want to do our activities. I encourage members to do the activities in our group without supervising them every time. I give them what the group is supposed to do and let them think of how they will do the activities for themselves. When I do this, I believe they will be responsible and they will become active in the group. Usually people th...
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