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The strategies used by the department in marketing and branding (Essay Sample)


• All assignments are due on Friday by 12 pm.
• Assignments need to be in Times New Roman Font, Size 12, Double Space
• Assignments need to show academic honesty by having proper in-text citations and where specified a Work Cited list.
• Assignments are marked either individually or as pair/ group work. When marked as pair/ group every members' individual work needs to be clearly specified.
• There are THREE assignments where students will work in pairs or groups. For each assignment students need to group with new students.
External Proposal
Rough Draft: Due 11/01, Assignment Length: 4-5 pages, Grade: 10%
Final Draft: Due 11/22, Assignment Length: 7-10 pages, Grade 15%
Group Presentation: Grade 10%
Assignment: In groups of 4-5 students you will draft a Formal Proposal. Your Proposal should be a Marketing Strategy focusing on ONE of the following areas:
1. Proposal to draw more international students to your department
2. Proposal re-evaluating the strategies used by your department in marketing and branding
3. Your group has the choice of proposing your own Formal Proposal idea of a Marketing Strategy. Instructor approval is required by 14th October.
Assignment Objective:
• Effective organization of material and proposal components
• Demonstrating credibility
• Persuasive research and viable recommendations based on research
• Persuasive use of visuals
• Showcasing proper formatting
• Demonstrating academic honesty through proper documentation of sources
• Demonstrating professionalism in working collaboratively
can you just write down the idea about the project and show some outline about it.


External Proposal
Student’s Name
Re-evaluating the strategies used by the department in marketing and branding
Marketing plans serve as blueprints for any department. The department needs to discover some of the things that can make a strong brand strategy. Sometimes creating a branding and marketing strategy is a bit challenging. A long-term marketing strategy should build a sustainable competitive advantage. All the marketing goals should be put in place, conduct extensive market research and focus on the nest products that can achieve maximum profit and grow the business (Kim, & Mauborgne, 2015). The marketing strategy of the business is the foundation of future marketing plans. Thus a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy of the department should have the following;

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