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Managerial Economics Course Project Preliminary Proposal & Outline (Research Paper Sample)


I only need the preliminary proposal and outline stated in the instructions. ( 1 page)
For this order I only need the preliminary proposal and outline. The instructions do not state number of sources required so thats up to you (paper will be 8 pages). I will submit a second order and assing it to you after I get feedback on the proposal and outline from the instructor. The text we are using and instructions are below.
Economics for Managers, 3rd Edition
Author: Paul G. Farnham
ISBN: 9780133561128
The Course Project demonstrates a student’s developed analytical skills in applying economic principles to an actual company The Course Project is a formal report (including an executive summary) that provides an insightful analysis of a company’s market structure and production decisions, i.e., expansion, or other economic principles. The project paper must include a minimum of two economic principles studied during the term of the course, i.e. linear regression analysis and trend analysis. The analysis (purpose, methodology, and conclusion) must be documented with academic support in the form of references and in-text citations utilizing APA style. The paper should be no less than 8 pages of narrative and statistical (spreadsheets) content. Students are required to submit their preliminary proposals and outlines no later than the end of Week 5 in the Student Projects topic (graded assignment) for required feedback from the instructor and other students
This proposal should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
• Identification of the firm involved (text case study, existing firm, or proposed firm)
• Identification of the appropriate market structure in which the firm is or will do business (eg. competitive, monopolistic, etc.)
• Identification of internal strengths and weaknesses (or indication of an intention to study them) given microeconomic expectations and external opportunities and threats given macroeconomic expectations and implications for the firm (or indication of an intention to study this)
• Identification of optimal managerial strategies and tactics given the above, or indication of an intention to do so. These recommended managerial actions should include pricing, production, and resource utilization given the theory and evidence. You should also indicate how each would be expected to add to the value of the selected firm.
The format should:
• Be written using APA style
• Include an executive summary
• Be at least 8 pages of narrative and statistical (spreadsheets) content
You will be graded on three aspects of this project; a Preliminary Proposal and Outline, the Finalized Course Project and your Review and Response of other student's projects.
I only need the preliminary proposal and outline stated in the instructions. I wills submit a second order to the same person who does the outline and that order will be 8 pages. Thank you


Managerial Economics Course Project Preliminary Proposal & Outline
Wal-Mart Stores is the world’s largest retailer that offers a variety of products including merchandise of the private labels and the licensed brands. Wal-Mart is headquartered in Arkansas, US and was started in 1962 and has expanded to sell merchandise through the vast store network and e-commerce platforms. The retailer operates wholesale and retail stores mainly in the US, but there are various stores at the global stage.
Financial performance
Wal-mart’s income has improved over the past five years and in the financial year ended 31st January 2016 the revenue was 482.13  billion USD and increased to 514.105  billion USD in 2019 (Yahoo Finance, 2019). Nonetheless, the net income has decreased over the same period as the expenses increased at a higher rate.
Market structure
The retailer has an oligopoly market structure as the leading firm in the retail sector and influenc

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