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Internal and External Factors Affecting an Organization: Apple Inc. (Essay Sample)


i need it about ( vodafone uk ).
• How do the internal factors of an organisation (e.g. structure) change due to the change in the nature of the business?
• How could external considerations (such as globalisation) affect the business?
• What are internal and external drivers of CSR practice?
• How is the traditional organisation changing? What are the internal and external drivers of this change?
• What is the role of the leader in responding to these changes?
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Internal and External Factors Affecting an Organization: Apple Inc.
An organization is formed with guidelines that are geared towards enabling it to compete successfully within the external environment. These internal mechanisms determine its competitive advantage which translates to its success or failure internally or in relation to its external environment. The purposes for which organizations are formed are usually outlined through their statement of purpose, leadership which inspires the realization of the organization’s mission, good communication practices which involve teamwork, a structured hierarchy that improves performance and continuous learning enhances human capacity. At the external level, many factors that affect organizations are mainly political, social, economic or technological and are determinants of the organization’s relations with the external environment. Both the internal and external factors directly influence the growth and profitability of an organization.
The business environment of an organization must be configured to strategically use its resources to its benefit to meet stakeholder expectations. It involves the factors that influence decisions that generate solutions to business problems both internally and externally. Organizations that resist adoption of transformative change fizzle out and gradually lose profitability and thus it is important to understand the business environment in order to integrate opportunities and cushion against threats that may prevent profitability and progress. This paper aims to analyze the internal and external environment and the organization of Apple incorporated UK, a leading technology company in the mobile phone manufacture industry.
Apple Incorporated
Apple Inc is a business organization which manufactures consumer electronics and related software solutions based in California USA but having an inter-continental network of operations. As a digital asset management company and a global mobile phone manufacturer of choice, the products that are manufactured include mobile phones, music players, computers and related software, and a variety of hardware and software accessories. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and cofounder Steve Wozniak, the company named Apple Computer Inc. specializes in top of the range product designs and use cutting edge technology to aggressively make consumer products that are highly competitive, a fact that has gained the company brand recognition with a niche of high end customers loyal to the company’s diverse products which are customer centered. The popular range of products include the Macintosh line of hardware, the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac OS operating system, iOS for mobile phones among many others.
History of the Apple Business Environment
The first major breakthrough in the company’s innovation came in 1997 when it introduced its all in one Mac personal computer and in the following year, the company sold almost 800,000 pieces making good profit and introducing a strong brand presence. In 2001 new stores were opened on a global scale and diversification of the company’s products gave it a competitive edge through equipment like the iPod music player which became a big success selling over 100 million units within six years of market entry.
The first chip computer was released into the market in 2006 as a notebook computer called Mac book pro which gave way for the company to transform its products into Intel electronic chips. In 2007, the company launched the Apple TV together with the iPhone both of which made the Apple market ...

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