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Office Tigers (Essay Sample)

To Whom It May Concern: 1. Please extract the following files and watch the 4 videos: http://www(dot)4shared(dot)com/zip/GIkfyLBf/Office_Tigers.html 2. Question is Do you think that the organisation is being managed and lead well in Office Tigers? If you were a senior manager at Office Tigers, what would you do to improve the organisation? Write an essay that critiques the managerial practices in the organisation? 3. Use the following concepts, Organisational Culture, change management, motivation, technology, ethics, globalisation, managing international business enterprises. 4. Please reference in APA style and note there is a deadline of 24 hours and use 9 resources with in text referencing from academic journals as well.. source..
Office Tigers
Thesis Statement
In the modern day work place, senior managers have to live up to the calling and chat the way forward by offering a great example and therefore become an inspiration to those who are below them in the organizational ladder. If I were a senior manager at Office Tigers, I would initiate a change process so as to improve the organization.
It is not uncommon to witness petty rivalries in the office and therefore it is the duty of the senior managers to guide such energies in the right path and tap those to the benefit of the firm. If the energies of the employees are not well harnessed and synchronized with thee organizational aspiration, the overall morale of the workers is greatly affected. Due to the high expectations of employees in many organizations, employees become stressed-out and therefore there is a need to offer the much required leadership so as to ensure a well-motivated and inspired workforce. In my opinion, Office Tigers is not being run well. This paper discusses best practices in organizational management which if I were a senior manager in the organization I would put in place. The ambition portrayed in the four episodes of Office Tigers clearly offer valuable and important lessons on organizational management and the modern day manager can really learn a lot both from the success and the challenges experienced by the employees of the firm.
Office Tigers -Organizational culture lessons
Evidently the organization has some great culture in paper; "Meritocracy," "Integrity," "Accountability" and "Commitment to Clients. For leaders a valuable lesson from the Office Tigers documentary is the level of team work lacking in the office. The over-emphasis on Meritocracy sometimes can lead to over ambition and over-emphasis on individual excellence leading to negative competition. In the documentary, the management places a lot of value on meritocracy. As a senior manager this is something which I could apply but with great caution. Meritocracy when done at the expense of other values such as honesty and team work can lead to under achievement since it will most likely steal the joy and synergy effect which comes with team work. As argued by Adrian and Philip (2006) assigning employees work in in groups contributes to better results since employees easily accomplish their tasks. This is lacking in Office Tigers and therefore the benefits which come about from groups cannot be realized. As a senior manager this is something I would really pay attention to.
Office Tigers and Motivation
The mistake which is clearly happening in the Office Tigers is that the managers seem to think that cash reward is the only motivator to employees. This is far from the truth because the working environment, the recognition and appreciation of their achievements are really also very important. It is very important for managers to be able mobilize r...
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