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Sunrun Solar: Energy Services Provider In America (Essay Sample)


We choose the company is Sunrun Solar Energy and the two countries are Philippines and Vietnam, do these two part: Brief summary of the proposed expansion identifying the company and the two countries under consideration.
2. Brief description of the selected company, including a focus on its current product/service and target market; its current operations and structure; its sales levels and percentage of sales from international markets.“”
and in the introduction need say Philippines is better than Vietnam. May need related order number 00082603, you just did Political part in PESTLE.


Sunrun Solar Energy
Student’s Name
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Sunrun Solar Energy
The proposed expansion targets Sunrun Solar Energy, the largest solar and energy services provider in America. The two companies under consideration for the expansion are the Philippines and Vietnam. Preliminary PESTLE analysis confirms that the Philippines is better suited for the proposed expansion than Vietnam. Several political factors can be attributed to the growing preference of the Philippines over Vietnam in business expansion plans. First, the Philippines is less corrupt compared to Vietnam and has shown improvement in the fight against corruption as demonstrated by Transparency International. Second, the democratic political system in the Philippines is more accommodating and is best for foreign investments compared to Vietnam’s authoritarian regime. Third, the Philippines has favorable freedom indicators including political and civil liberties compared to Vietnam. Finally, the Philippines has shown improvement in the governance performance whereas, in Vietnam, it is on the decline. Based on these

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