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Steps in Managing Intellectual Property (Essay Sample)


This is a group project I am only responsible for # 3 posted below. Not sure how to compile it. the article we are basing info is posted below as well. This is the overview of assignment.(The late 1990s saw the rise of corporate valuations arising from ownership of various forms of intellectual property, rather than the traditional value arising from production and sale of goods or services. Using Internet sources (you might want to start with the following article from SmartPros), discuss this issue with your group and prepare a 6-8 page management brief for Acme's upper management group on the current state of valuing intellectual property.) http://www(dot)infirmation(dot)com/articles/one-article.tcl?article_id=2602 1. Define the following Terms a. Intellectual Capital (20 Points)Mark Jones b. Intellectual Property (20 Points)Vyronica c. Intellectual Assets (20 Points) Stephaia d. Identifiable Intangible Assets (20 Points) Ameedah e. Unidentifiable Intangible Assets (20 Points) Trinita 2. Discuss how you would value Intellectual Property (50 Points) Charmine 3. Describe the Steps in Managing Intellectual Property ( 50 Points) Rivian


Steps in Managing Intellectual Property
Steps in Managing Intellectual Property
Surprisingly, most organizations do not know the full degree of intellectual property (IP) they possess nor what they are worth. They exist in terms of financial, human assets, legitimate and IT capacities. Therefore securing IP is every living soul's avocation. Consider these top steps for securing an organization's intellectual property:
To start with, stock all IP possessions and distinguish those impalpable holdings that are most basic to your business. In a perfect world, organizations may as well perform occasional reviews of IP. Prioritize a movement to get ready for adjusting insufficiency and reducing risks distinguished in inventorying/auditing IP. Structure an arrangement to catch future IP rights improved and procured (Cutler, 2008). Consider protection systems.
Secondly, legitimate capacities such as fundamental understandings set up and guarantee they're utilized (Irina & Manta, 2011). These incorporate nondisclosure agreements (NDAS), exclusive proprietary data agreements and contractor agreements. Have vendors and clients sign NDAs. Have merchants and clients sign NDAS.
Information technology capacities come third by having safe IT network frameworks. Not withst...
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