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Nomination (Essay Sample)

Persuasive memo Nomination. You must choose a highly sought after and recognized award given in the business world and nominate one individual (must be a person, not or group of people or community) as a future recipient of this award. You must introduce your nominee, the reasons for the nomination, and the distinctive qualities that make this person the best candidate for this award. It is going to be a 5 paragraphs persuasive memo. One introduction, and there main point, and one conclusions. This memo is very important for my course. Please be careful with the grammars. Please use transactions Please do not repeat ideas. Thank you so much. source..

Persuasive presentation
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In this year`s ABA`s awards, the CEO of the Year Award under the diversified services category goes to Pablo Carrega. This is through offering diversified services to companies towards to environmental consciousness. This is one category for the award of the CEO of the year as categorized by Stevieawards (2011).
Who is Pablo Carrega?
Pablo Carrega is the cofounder and CEO of RelevanSi company. He blogs on design and technology geared towards a sustainable future. RelevanSi is a communication agency specializing in sustainable web and brand development as noted by Shoestring venture (2010). The company re-designed their business to be environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient by the use of technology in every aspect of their business. Loeb (2011) observes that the CEO encourages innovation and creativity in the use of the resources to ensure that there is sustainable use of the finite resources.
How has Pablo Carrega influenced his company and other companies?
The goal of his company as observed by Loeb (2011) is to help environmentally friendly companies or those that want to embrace environmental consciousness to extend their presence in the internet and gain a better market share. The company he heads has found a new way of supporting and developing a green movement among the companies through the power of internet and technology through which he will influence more companies to go green. Shoestring venture (2010) observes the CEO came up with an initiative of recycling the waste materials. RelevanSi recycled old bamboo curtains to make the lamps for the office. In the small company kitchen, the company uses plastic and re-usable kitchenware to reduce the wast...
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