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public administration: Public Service Motivation (Essay Sample)

please answer the attached question , The sorce you can use is : public administration concepts and cases –ninth edition by richard j. stillman source..

Public Service Motivation
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Public Service Motivation
The phrase ‘Public Service Motivation` has been used over the years to refer to the motivation of individuals to work in the public sector.
In his thesis, Wise defined Public service motivation as an individual`s tendency to react to motives that are based or that are particular to the public institutions or organizations. He argued that the motivation in the public sector is based on the fact that the people who opt to work in this sector are inclined towards to the thought of serving the public as an obligation. He further suggests that the public sector attracts employees who desire to satisfy a personal urge to serve others by promoting social welfare and protecting the society (Tongo, 2011).
The concept of the ‘Public Service Motivation` theory is based on four principles: attraction to public policy making, commitment to the public interest and civic duty, compassion, and self-sacrifice (Vandenabeele and Kim, 2009). These are the core factors that are believed to drive individuals to public service and are the guiding principles that the individuals adhere to in the execution of their duties. The factors however, do not include other reasons as to why one would choose a specific line of work. For instance, a person with strong religious beliefs and spiritual conviction would choose to work in a church this is not reflected in the four principles of the Public Service Motivation.
Bernadine Healy, the head of the American Red Cross society in 2011, was concerned about other Chapters withdrawing and spending money that was unaccounted for, from the National Disaster Fund. After attack 9/11, she made the headlines after setting up a separate account for the donations toward the victims, a move that saw her dismissed from her post. One would argue that Healy`s dismissal was unjust and could have been brought about by misunderstood intentions.
She had been devoted to serving the public for much of her working years having served on many advisory boards and dedicated her time advocating for health improvement. The fact that she was a doctor who was had the best int...
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