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Compare Zimbabwe to Switzerland: Global Innovation Index (Essay Sample)


Use the information in the textbook, our class discussion, and your knowledge of business to write a blog entry of around 300 words that addresses the following question.
Choose two countries: one that is technologically developed and one that is not. Use the Global Innovation Index that we discussed in the class to compare these two countries (address at least three indicators from the index). Explain why the country which is less advanced technologically could not catch up with the technologically advanced countries.
Grading for the blog activity is worth 40 points and based on the following:
Part one is your primary blog (3 good paragraphs). Create a thread with your last name in the title followed by your topic. For example: "Moteabbed – Blog2" Then, write your post. Do not attach it as a Word doc. Create your post and copy it directly into the box provided by BB. Once you have created your primary thread, you will be able to see your classmates' threads. Until you submit your primary thread, you cannot see your classmates' threads. You will also not be able to go back and modify your primary thread after reading your classmates' threads. Your primary blog is worth up to 30 points.
Grading for the primary blog is based on the following rubric:
Content (up to 25 points): Students responded to the question appropriately, demonstrated an understanding of the material, accurately included course vocabulary and terminology, included example(s) to better illustrate concepts and made a compelling argument.


Compare Zimbabwe to Switzerland
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Switzerland is a federal government in Europe, consisting of 26 cantons and having its border lines with that of France, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and Italy (Diem, 1994). On the other hand, Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation situated in southern Africa and bordered by Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, and Zambia. The GDP per capita in Zimbabwe is $700, and in Switzerland, it is $54,000. It shows Switzerland is more developed than Zimbabwe and provides lots more opportunities to its residents than the latter (Gostelow, & Joliat, 1999).
Between 1997 and 2007, the Zimbabwean economy had declined by a cumulative 49% and caused GDP per capita to dive to less than $400. However, from July 2009 onward, the country started paying much attention to its infrastructure and thus its economy was strengthened to an extent (Johnson, 2001). Talking about Switzerland, we must say that the Swiss Space Agency has played a vital role in enhancing the country's economy. For over a decade, it has launched various science and technology programs and is one of the co-founders of the European Space Agency (Sowell, 2011).
Zimbabwe is known to consume just 0.0528 gallons of oil per capita per day, and Switzerland reportedly consumes 1.3540 gallons of fuel on a daily basis. Switzerland's unemployment rate is just 2.4% while Zimbabwe's rate is somewhere close to 87% (Milson, Demirci, & Kerski, 2012

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