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Career Development Plan Part I: Review of the Interclean Envirotech Merger Scenario (Essay Sample)

InterClean has just merged with EnviroTech and, as a result, has taken on a new strategic direction. The company will no longer sell only cleaning products, but will also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. As a midlevel sales manager, select new members for your sales team and create a development plan to help your team succeed with the companys new strategy.  Review the InterCleanEnviroTech Merger Scenario on the student website.  Read the Week TwoStudent Road Map on the student website for specific information you must include in the assignment and read the Employee Profiles on the student website for information on your potential employees.  Write a 1,050- to 1,400- word report that includes the following information: o Explain your job analysis information. o Describe your workforce planning system. o Identify your selection method, including its advantages and disadvantages. o Identify the five to seven employees you chose to represent your team and explain why they were chosen. Include their knowledge, skills, abilities, and what role you think they will play with your new team. source..
Review of the Interclean Envirotech Merger Scenario
InterClean has acquired EnviroTech in a merger which will allow the Company to expand its market base and its knowledge. The managers must now embrace the idea of globalizing and ensuring that its workforce is not afraid of challenges. With the new Interclean-EnviroTech merger, the company is confident that their products will continue to grow and expand into other new markets. All managers are requested to treat all the employees with fairness during the transition period so that it can retain its current employees. Managers will also be required to reward their employees who perform effectively to ensure a good working relationship between them and the employees (Cascio, 2002). Managers must express fairness to both parties should any issue or situation arise during the transition period.
Job analysis information:
Job analysis is the process which is used to gather information about the roles, responsibilities, required skill, outcomes and the work environment of a particular job (Jackson, 2000). A lot of data is needed to put together a job description which is the outcome of a job analysis. Since Interclean Inc. has merged with another sanitation Company known as EnvironTech, then it will have to change its strategic direction. Since they are currently selling products, they will soon start selling solutions and services to the healthcare organizations too. To be able to do this, a new sales team must be created. The team will consist of 5-7 members which will be headed by the sales Manager.
The Job analysis will include the Knowledge, skills and abilities which will be needed for the new positions in the sales department. Then, there will be creation of a workforce planning system and the selection of the members of the team (Jackson, 2000).
The first step to select the right members for this new team will be to conduct structured questionnaires of the current managers and employees. This is the best and quickest method to obtain the needed information. I will use the questionnaires invented by the US Department of Labor (O*Net). This involves a national occupational and information system which provides a comprehensive description of the attributes of the workers and the jobs. Based on the responses of my team members I will determine the main responsibilities/job duties to include the following:
To contact the new and existing customers so that they can be able to discuss their needs and explain how those needs could be met by certain products and services. They should make the customers to feel free and expose any complaints they may be having about the company.
Be responsible in answering questions about the products/services, the prices, availability, credit terms and product uses. They should be able to show the customers how the new products and services are used.
Be able to identify the prospective customers by using business directories, participation ...
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