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Career Development Summary (Essay Sample)

Imagine that you have recently been promoted to a midlevel management position, and your upper-level manager has revealed that your team will be restructured. Your team will take on new responsibilities that require the hiring of additional personnel and will require training for new and current employees. Your manager also wants to consider better methods for appraising the team's performance. Your task is to compose a proposal to be delivered to upper management regarding how this restructure will be designed and implemented. You may choose to use your own company, with the approval of your instructor or department, as the context for this assignment. Alternatively, you may select a position at Kudler Fine Foods that would be appropriate for this assignment. The Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization is located in the materials section of the student website. - Resources: The Career Development Plan Part III—Performance and Career Management and the Career Development Plan Part IV—Compensation assignments; and Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization on the student website - Write a 1,750- to 2,100- word proposal explaining the recommendations and justifications to upper management for the following: o The job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions (including one first-level management position). o A training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees. o Methods for evaluating employee and team performance, including a progressive discipline process. This section must cover each of the points discussed within the Career Development Plan Part III—Performance and Career Management assignment, completed Week Four, and the Career Development Plan Part IV—Compensation assignment, completed Week Five. o Challenges of the team performance evaluation, including - differences between the two appraisal systems. - difficulties of evaluating team performance. - unique needs of a team appraisal system. - team motivations and expectations. - individual equity and how it affects team performance. - strategies to discourage social loafing. - individual employee responsibilities towards the team. o Incentives and benefits packages. o Strategies for managing employees' career development, such as promotions, educational opportunities, accommodations for diversity, and so on. o A fair and appropriate compensation plan. source..

Amika Brown
November 10, 2010
Sherri Johnson
Career Development Summary
The paper is a proposal about career development for The Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization. As a midlevel manager, recently promoted and with the knowledge that my team will be structured taking new responsibilities including hiring of additional personnel as well as providing training to both new and current employees, am bestowed with the responsibility of developing the proposal.
The proposal seek to explain recommendations and justify to upper management about job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions, training program to introduce, Methods for evaluating employee and team performance, Challenges of the team performance evaluation, incentives and benefits, strategies for managing employees career development and finally a fair and appropriate compensation plan.
Career development simply put means providing an opportunity for employees to grow within the organization. Such opportunities are usually offered to the best performers identified through performance management methods. The obvious benefit of career development to any organization is that employees will be motivated to perform to the best of their abilities knowing that their performance will be rewarded with growth career wise. (Gary Dessler, 2005)
Kudler Fine Foods provides customers with exotic gourmet items in one opportune place. It was the idea of Kathy Kudler who was a Vice President of Marketing for large defense Contractor Company. In 1998, a first store was opened La Jolla; following the success of the first store others were opened in Encinitas and Del Mar. The organization structure is made up of six departments; legal, information technology, operations, finance and accounting, human resource and sales and marketing.
Job descriptions and qualification
The five new positions that are necessary in propelling the organization to greater heights include quality control manger, public relation assistant manger, customer service deputy manager, data base management manager and security manager and a branch manger for the new location. In line with the ISO requirement, quality control manager will be responsible for maintaining high quality and reliability of product as well as services rendered, determining if finished products meet specified quality, determine defects on products, come up with measures to reduce occurrence of defects in goods and services, documenting test results, evaluating data, come up with measures to reduce waste/leftovers. For this post persons with a degree and strong background in statistics are desirable (Dessler, 2005).
Data base management and security manager is an important position. Advent in computers has made thing much easier and reliable but at the same time, the serious consequences facing technology especially security is of concern. The manager will be responsible for taking and keeping back up, secure vital company data not to be accessed by unauthorized persons, making information available to all relevant stakeholders and carrying out audit in IT and come up with proposal such as adoption of new technology. Individuals with a very strong background in IT security will be required to fill the position.
A post of branch manger for the newly opened store is essential. The manager will oversee all operations, driving sales, managing financial costs, overseeing the sales of the company`s products, ensuring that customers are satisfied, verifying quantity and quality of products sent and received, overseeing management inventory and link employees to top management. A bachelor`s degree in food related is desirable, excellent interpersonal skills, good analytical skills.
Assistant public relation manager will help the public relati...
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