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ECON Marketing Assignment: The Canadian Labor Market (Essay Sample)


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The Canadian Labor Market
The Canadian Labor Market
Employment Standards
1 The Employment Standards Act, 2000 is purposed to promote the awareness and enforcement of the standards of employment like the wage, hours of work, public holidays.
2 To achieve that, employers are required to give their employees the documents about the Act, such as the Employment Standards Poster and Hours of Work and Overtime.
3 The Act also protects the young workers through the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It provides that they know about the workplace hazards, how to protect themselves or refuse unsafe work.
4 Regarding eating periods, many employees are entitled to a meal break which is flexible depending on time and length. Thus, it does not affect the hours of work or wage
5 Other provisions on wage are that employers cannot withhold tips or other gratuities from employees unless if required by statute or court order.
6 Further, the Act gives an outline on breaks such as eating periods and heat stress breaks.
7 Employers cannot deduct the cost of items like a uniform from an employee's wages unless the employee agrees in writing.
8 An individual whose employment has been severed qualifies for severance pay. The pay is determined by multiplying the employee's regular work week wages by the sum of the number of employment years.
Employment Insurance (EI)
1 There are several types of Employment Insurance. The first is Sickness Benefits allowed for employees who are sick or injured to receive up to a maximum of fifteen weeks of EI sickness benefits. Secondly, Compassionate Care Benefits is paid to workers who skip work temporarily to take care of very ill relatives with the risk of death for a maximum of twenty-six weeks. Thirdly, maternity benefit is given to biological or surrogate mothers who cannot work because they are pregnant or caring for a newborn for a maximum of fifteen weeks. Fourthly, Family Caregiver Benefit is financial assistance given to individua

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