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Economic Current Issues Project Assignment (Trade Unions) (Article Critique Sample)


You are going to discuss a relevant and current economic issue. From internet choose one article and write a 1 page double spaced critique about the article and how it relates to material studied so far in this course only chose one( market equilibrium, changes in demand and supply, firms competition and the market, labour as a resource market,wage determination, labour union, concept of human capital. )You will also discuss who the stakeholders are in this article and/or how this issue impacts the future of economy.
You will be evaluated on the following:
1. 5marks-proper works cited/bibliograph section(MLA) A copy of the article must be provided -it must be current,not earlier than January 1 2017
2. If you do not attach a copy of the article ,you will be deducted 1 mark
3. 15marks -summary and analysis of the article.
a. Summarize the main points of the article -1paragraph
b. Relate the article to the material in the course
c. Express your personal views about the economic issue with clarity and insight while relating the issue to all material covered in the course.
4. 10marks- thinking/inquiry
a. Identify the stakeholders impacted in the economy.How does this issue impact the future of economy?


Economic Issue (Trade Unions)
I chose an article from The New York Times that was published on September 27th 2017 by Eduardo Porter discusses the effect of labor shortage in the market. However, the author does not fully address the real impact of labor shortage in the economy, but details how this has contributed to an increase in the minimum wage for employees. An increase in the minimum wage might be a surprise following decades of its stagnation. Moreover, the wage aspect of the labor markets appears to be brighter because more people are leaving the workforce. To meet their needs employees will have to raise the average wage to attract more workers.
However, with an increase of the labor demand in the United States following so many p

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