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Biology Assignment: Multiple Allele Inheritance (Essay Sample)


Choose a trait that goes beyond Mendel's one trait inheritance. Discuss the inheritance (ex. Incomplete dominance, multiple allele, polygenic, pleiotrophy, linkage, environmental influences), the different phenotypes or anything else that deviates from simple genetics. Mendel got lucky with the traits he chose in his pea plants. If he got more complicated traits and inheritance it would have made his findings almost impossible to come to. Talk about how these traits would have made it hard for scientists like Mendel to figure out inheritance the way he did. No less than 250 words


Multiple Allele Inheritance
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Multiple Alleles
According to Mendel's model, each gene consisted of only a pair of two alleles. However, there are other special cases whereby a gene can have multiple alleles. For example, humans in a particular population can have different pairs of alleles. Most of the human traits result from multiple alleles. Examples of the multiple allele traits include the human blood type. The blood type allele traits are of three different types (A, B, and O) (Hartl, Clark & Clark, 1997). The A and B alleles are codominant. There are six possible phenotype combinations. They include the OO, AO, AA, BB, BO, and AB.
The inheritance is also manifested in other animals such as the rabbits. Rabbits have multiple alleles for determining

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