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Human Growth: The Development of Gender (Essay Sample)


The Development of Gender
1. Definitions
Introduction & Gender Terminology
This project is not supposed to rely on the textbook! Your research must use and cite articles from the scientific journals such as Child Development, Developmental Psychology, Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, Infant Behavior and Development, Applied Developmental Psychology, or Social Development.
Please try to address following subjects particularly
Explain the difference between sex, gender, gender role, and gender identity and provide examples for each
Discuss the role of genetic and environmental factors in the development of concept of gender
Discuss the main theoretical frameworks about gender development
Psychoanalytic, Social-Learning Theory, Cognitive developmental Theory, and Gender Schema Theory
How do children come to understand the concept of gender?
Does level of cognitive development influence children's understanding of the concept of gender? If so, how?
Explain the terms gender identity, gender schemes, gender constancy, sex-role stereotypes and provide examples for each
Explain the role of self-socialization in gender development. Provide example.
What is meant by androgyny? Give an example of how a person might show
androgynous behavior.
The Development of Gender And The Concept Of Gender
1. Definitions
a.) Introduction & Gender Terminology
b.) Differences in Gender Terminology
2. Gender in Childhood
a.) Concept of Gender to the Child
b.) Cognitive Development Considerations in Child's Conceptualization of Gender
c.) Genetic and Environmental Considerations
3. Gender Theories & Processes
a.) Main Theoretical Frameworks
b.) Androgyny
c.) Self-Socialization
4. Conclusion
This is an overview of what I have to do.
I want Emphasis, and more focus on Introduction and gender terminology, because this is the part I know about and will present
no more than 1 page each member of the group is suppose to turn in minimum of 250-275 words. My part is the Introduction & Gender Terminology. Which is why I want my paper to talk only about my part. All these Instructions are the general overview of the project.


The Development of Gender
(Student’s name)
Biological and Biomedical Sciences
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The Development of Gender
Prior to childbirth, the socialization of gender will start during their preparation for the arrival of their child. The concern of developmental scientists is concentrated on the emergence of behaviors through time. The focus of their study is on each gender’s behavior and philosophy. There are differences between sex, gender, gender role, and gender identity that will be defined in this research to provide a better configuration of gender development.
Sex pertains to the characteristics that define a human being as male or female in their biological and physiological aspects. These characteristics do not have mutual exclusivity because some individuals have both, but tend to ...
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