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Policy Implications for the Disabled (Essay Sample)

Gail Landsman states in her paper that parents and physicians are in agreement that diagnoses label intrinsic problems (abnormalities), which in turn predict a child¡¯s reduced life opportunities and social devaluation. What are some of the policy implications of such diagnoses for children and adults with disabilities? source..

Policy Implications for the Disabled
People who have permanent disabilities physically find themselves in a horrible situation. Most of the adults with those disabilities are not in a position to perform their daily duties or responsibilities. These people bear grief and others suffer from trauma since the disabilities could cause numerous disadvantages. Some of the likely disadvantages are the right of admission to programs and public buildings, lack of equivalent admission to private facilities and services. These people also lack the right of economic and political involvement, the right of travelling freely among others. In order to accommodate such kind of people, the governments from different countries have come up with policies that they should implement to ensure the comfort ability of the individuals with disabilities.
The Charity or volunteer ethic is a policy that bears a huge impact on the service providers. The charity provider mostly determines the policies and programs in the same category. They could be religions, individuals, organizations among others. The charity providers may opt to offer their services to institutions and individuals with disabilities and involve the victims in service.
Further, medical ethic is another important policy that has proven to have its share of positive effects. Medical model allows the people with disabilities with a critical variant indicating the role of the sick. It enables them to regain their health as well as relieving all their responsibilities. The professional ethic is in close relation with medical ethic. The basis of the professional policy implies that, the insight of a certain profession is very complex. The individuals with disabilities may prefer to work in rehabilitation centers and in hospital...
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