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Buffalo History Museum: Exhibition Titled Neighbors (Essay Sample)


After visit the Buffalo History Museum, take notes about current exhibits and write a reflection piece. choose the theme "Neighbor".


Buffalo History Museum
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An enthusiastic group of historians founded TBHM (The Buffalo History Museum) in 1862. They aimed to assemble unique collections of regional photographs, paintings, manuscripts and artifacts to share with the public and researchers of all parts of the world. It has been a perfect place for large space presentations. From innovation marking industries to handwritten business ledgers and from military officers' footlockers to folders of neighborhood pictures, everything is displayed at this museum in a fantastic and interesting style.
A few months ago, on Second Level Gallery of The Buffalo History Museum, an exhibition titled Neighbors: The People of Erie County was presented by the Buffalo News and M&T Bank. The purpose of this exhibition was to let people explore region's rich cultural and ethnic heritage through a range of artifacts and paintings sharing the stories and traditions of immigrant Poles, Germans, Africans, Americans, Asians, Irish, Balkans, Italians, and various other groups as they had formed a large community here. Through this exhibition, I got a chance to explore the rich heritage and cultures of different states and investigate the connections between them.
It was indeed an incredible place, and I got a chance to learn various new things. Prior to attending this event, I had no idea that immigrants had to face numerous problems during their stay here. I went through the entire place and saw artworks of various famous artists, gained knowledge about their history, and got a chance to get closer to the culture and traditions of the country. This engaging, unique, multimedia exhibition primarily featured artifacts and stories spanning more than two centuries. Guests, including my friends and me, enjoyed different series of one-of-a-kind People of Eric County Game. I and my companions voted for the ten most famous and astonishing moments of film clips. During my time there, I came across a couple of paintings depicting how immigrants used to live and how many difficulties they had to

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