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Music Serenade 11 (Mozart), The Analysis Of The Music Curve (Essay Sample)


Don't write the question two, write the essay for the third one, and the analysis of the music curve, write the second song.


Serenade 11 (Mozart)
The Serenade No. 11 which is in E flat, was composed in the year 1781 and was then first performed on 15th October of the same year in Vienna. Originally it was scored for pairs of some clarinets, bassoons and horns. Later on Mozart then revised the work and added a pair of oboes; this was in the summer of 1782. The entire performance took an estimated twenty five minutes to complete. This was the first great work of its kind and even Mozart in person was anxious of how it all go down. It is for this reason that he also felt the need to write his father.
‘At eleven o'clock last night I was serenaded by two clarinets, two horns and two bassoons playing my own music…These musicians had the front gate opened for them, and when they had formed in the courtyard, they gave me, just as I was about to undress for bed, the most delightful surprise in the world with the opening E-flat chord.'
Much of this state that Mozart was in can be attributed to the fact that, writing the piece, he had intended to impress Joseph von Strack, who was a guest at the von Hickels. The latter was also a valet as well as a personal cellist for the emperor at the time. He had hoped that the valet would then pass the good regards f his music to the emperor. It was after learning the fact the emperor had already set up a wind octet at his house that Mozart added the two oboe parts.
Listening closely to the Allegro, which is the fifth movement represents three main moments in the performance. These include the opening part of the piece the middle section of the performance and the last and closing part of the performance. For the avid classical music lovers and students, there is one aspect that comes in the performance, the fact that it starts with an E flat and also end with an E flat. This is a crucial part of the performance relative to the fact that in the allegro, it starts off with an impulsive approach that then regularly changes in the moods presented as well as the character.
One of the aspects that comes off listening to the A

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