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American Art History (Essay Sample)

I would like you to spend some time on this website of Jefferson's home, Monticello: and specifically looking through the house Focus on Jefferson's bedchamber (by clicking on the room on the plans of the house on the right side of the page). What did you learn about his design for the bedchamber and objects within? Be sure to click on the thumbnails at the bottom of the page for more information. source..

American art history
Jefferson’s bedchamber
Jefferson’s bedchamber is the largest and most impressive of the house’s personal rooms. It has an eighteen and a half foot ceiling, ionic entablature, and immense light entering the room. The alcove bed, which was made perfectly to fit Jefferson, is accessible on both ends and links his bedchamber to the cabinet or office. A hinged, double door screen was located on the cabinet side of the bed and was used to divide the two rooms (Monticello Explorer).
Jefferson’s personal privy, which is a good description of interior bathroom equipments in America, was situated across from the northeast of the bed. There is a cabinet above the bed, with oval holes whose main purpose is to allow light and air inside. It exploited the space effectively, and it was reachable through the use of a ladder located at the head of the bed. It is clear that the bed chamber was wallpapered, though currently painted oyster white (Monticello Explorer).
The bedchamber comprises of many objects each with its specific design and purpose. The bookcase and Press has two distinct sections that have been joined together: a tall narrow book case with five shelves set on a press. The press comprise of four interior shelves used to store memoranda (Monticello Explorer).
Fauteuil a la Reine is a chair bought in France between 1794-1796 James Monroe. The chair which is still made from leather was probably sold to Jefferson. It might be one of the forty eight chairs that Jefferson carried from Paris to Philadelphia in 1790 (Monticello Explorer).
The mirror was formed to be positioned over a mantel piece; it also acts as a girandole because of the candle holders on both sides (Monticello Explorer).
One of the most amazing pieces of furniture is the tall, adaptable desk used for reading or drawing. The angle of the top, hinged at the front, can be adjusted. The original ...
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