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Aztec Art: Compare and Contrast (Essay Sample)

Essays should be double spaced and submitted in a "common" file format, such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), pdf, or Rich Text Files (.rtf - an option available with nearly all modern word processing programs). Work on the file on your computer, and then e-mail it to me, putting your name and the words "HUM 2450 Essay #1" in the subject line The question for this essay follows: It should be 2-3 pages long, double-spaced, in MLA format. It should be a minimum of 700 words (use the Word Count function in your Tools menu in Word, or a similar word count tool, to check this before submitting your essay). Write an essay showing how art embodies cultural identity, by comparing and contrasting Aztec art with the architectural symbols of the new nation of the United States. If you use any outside sources, you must fully document them in MLA style, using both in-text citations and end citations. If you need a refresher on how to cite sources, this site is useful: http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/747/01/ Your essay must have an arguable/debatable thesis. In a nutshell, your thesis is a primary claim you are making in the essay. You then support that claim with evidence in the body section of the essay. Evidence can include expert opinion (cite any sources used), facts and statistics (cite any sources used), examples (cite any sources used), your own ideas and arguments, analogy, etc source..
Justin Williams
Professor Hansen
HUM 2450
10 September 2010
Aztec Art: Compare and Contrast
Art is a very fundamental act in molding and influencing culture and cultural identities all over the world. Most generations have led their way of life transforming universal materials through art into cultural creations. Taking Aztec art for instance, was a culture of Central Mexico during the imperial period (1431 - 1521). The art of sculptures highly influenced the architectural and cultural activities that helped develop the history of ancient Central Mexico. Nonetheless, in modern times, art still stands out as the mother of all architectural development and cultural identity. For instance modern nations and republics are preserving and maintaining their old art; like buildings, sculptures and many more crafted artifacts just for identity and prestige. Despite the fact that Aztec arts differs to some extent with the architectural symbols of the new nation of the United States, there are some areas where they are similar.
First and foremost, in each and every culture there is a system that governs and helps in the cohesion, co-existence and identity of all. That is, in both Aztec art and the new nation of the United States all are proud of their art and they are working hard to maintain their artifacts. In the case of Aztec, the empire of ancient Central Mexico; intellectuals, religious movements, political imposition and people movements ensured that all citizens identified themselves with the capital by use of sculptures. Similarly, in the United States, all citizens are associated with the central government and identify themselves with buildings like the Library of Congress.
Secondly, political imposition is ideal in both cultures. There is an empire that governed the people of ancient Central Mexico. United States has a formal government that is responsible for controlling and administrating all the activities of the nation. They all employ elite minds in coming up with decisions that are of both national unity and identity.
Thirdly, all people are culturally bound. Aztec art tells us that; imperial s...
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