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American Art History. Hudson River School Painters (Coursework Sample)

Question 1 What were the Hudson River School painters trying to convey? Please give this question some thought and research, using the document. Also, I would like you to find an image by one of the Hudson River School painters on the internet not mentioned in the document. Please include a thumbnail of the image as well as the name of the image and its painter. Question 2 Please find on the internet another portrait of a Native American by George Catlin not on the document, and include a thumbnail and the name of the sitter. What were Catlin's concerns about Native Americans and how did this influence his work? source..
Hudson River School Painters
Hudson River School Painters
The Hudson River School painters wanted to connect nature and morality. They painted pictures on natural things and showed the person of America how it was a moral thing to conserve the nature since it was a way of communicating to God. In essence, they were predicting how the civilization of America would lead to destruction of the nature and advocated for its conservation through their paintings (Hanson, 2001). By working in pairs, these painters implied that it was only through unity that the nature could be conserved hence America would please God since nature was all that is glorious around us.
(This shows a painting by Thomas Cole on his view about the Arnos).
Another painter named George Catlin who had left law and went into Art painted about the Native Americans. He described the lifestyle of the Native Americans, their costumes, and a complete collection of their manufactures and weapons, and to perpetuate them in a gallery unique, for the use and instruction of future ages (Federal Style Architecture, n d). His paintings taught a lot on the use of nature, its conservation and the way some lifestyles were lost in the name of civilization.
(Mah-to-toh-pe by George Catlin 1833).
Today Americans can see these paintings and know how much they have left the cultures of the Native Americans. Infact his concerns were about how the Americans had a negative image about their natives (Hanson,...
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