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How and Why to Protect Your Intellectual Property (Essay Sample)

Find a periodical story about a legal topic covered in the course that has an impact in a business context. For full points on this assignment, you will need to complete the following: 1) Attach a copy of your periodical story (10 points) 2) Summarize in no more than four sentences what your story was about. (10 points) 3) Explain in no more than four sentences what legal topic covered in this course your periodical story applied to. (15 points) 4) Explain in no more than four sentence what impact this story has in a business context. (15 points) US Legal System & ADR Ethics Ethics Ethics EXAM 1 Contracts Contracts Contracts Contracts Contracts Contracts EXAM 2 Business Forms Business Forms Business Forms Agency Employment Law Employment Discrimination EXAM 3 Business Crimes Business Torts Intellectual Property Real Property Constitutional Law International Law & Environmental Law These are the topics that we covered for this class. source..

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How and Why to Protect Your Intellectual Property
by Chris Hinson HYPERLINK "/articles/intellectual_property/article5.asp"/articles/intellectual_property/article5.asp
Summary of the story
The article above examines what the intellectual property of a business is and how it can be protected. It also examines the importance of protecting the intellectual property of a business. The intellectual properties include inventions, original works of authorship, designs and trade secrets. The three main forms of intellectual property protection discussed include: patents, copyrights and trademarks.
Relationship to course covered
The legal course covered that the story relates to is the Intellectual Property which has both a business and a legal dimension. There are laws and policies that are used to govern intellectual property; hence this course offers insights into these elements which are discussed in the story. The course gives the types of intellectual properties and the rights that are used to protect the interests of the creators. Just like the course, this story is important in ensuring that individuals are educated on what intellectual properties are.
Impact in a business context
This story has several impacts on a business context in ensuring that businesses are run based on the required legal frameworks and that they do not engage in activities that violet intellectual property rights. It also ensures that businesses that engage in goods and services that are of this nature realize maximum profits without loosing to fraudsters as well as...
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