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Research Paper: Preliminary Outline of Langston Hughes On The Road Preliminary Outline of Langston Hughes On The Road (Research Paper Sample)

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Preliminary Outline of Langston Hughes` "On The Road; Langston Hughes` short story "On the Road" revolves around the story of a black man as he enters territory where he is immediately regarded with contempt and malice. At first glance, the story may come as absurd but in perspective, it relays a rather deep message of significance which highly correlates to the injustice present in society. Throughout the story, Hughes incorporates a series of allegories with ironic wit to highlight the facets of racial discrimination. The story is essentially inspiring and educational despite the controversial elements it is involved with. "On The Road" demonstrates how a man comes to a life-changing realization and his transition from being wholly miserable primarily because of his distinguished skin color to discovering that in spite all that, there is still hope for him to rise and stand on his own. * CONFLICT * Man vs. Himself. At the closing of the story, Sargeant realizes that he is locked up in jail instead of the hobo jungle, where he thought he had slept in for the night. He is then unable to decide for himself whether the events of the previous night were simply delusions from exhaustion or an actual revelation. * Man vs. Man. This exhibited in the opening of the story where the white people of the neighborhood were quick to judge Sargeant because he was black. On the basis of their assumpti...
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