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Short Story Analysis (Essay Sample)

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Title: Short story analysis Students name: Tutor: Course: Date of submission: Title: Short story analysis Introduction In the story a very old man with Enormous wings Gabriel Marquez tells us of an intricate and very complex story of a common and familiar subject which is human nature. There is little that is left untouched as the threads of jealousy, greed and fickle tendencies among other things are all woven together in this story. He uses literal techniques so as to create an effective setting and plot in general. One thing we note in this story is that there is no true or rather main character. The man with wings or the angel seems to be the main character depending on what angle you are viewing it from. He is not portrayed as the protagonist even though his antagonistic behavior depicts him as one with the one hosting people. In the story there is a point where the angel is being poked and being prodded which is seen as a circus act. Marquez goes on to say that the angel was the only one who did not take part in his own act and his supernatural virtue seemed to be patience. His use of a simple language and a comparison with the crowd is a clear indication of the difference between the angel and the people. The difference of the angel has led to frustration on the people who instead of cursing the throng, they end up exercising patience and remain calm (Pelayo 52). The events in the story may be used to compare the angel in this story to that of the story of job in the bible. Both of them are afflicted with pain and suffering beyond their control but they both endure despite all they went through. It is rather impossible to read this story without noticing the uniqueness of the strange half spider. The writer invokes strange imagery and willing participants and describes the most basic need that humans need as attention. For instance, the spider gives attention to each and every person that wants it, in addition, it provides lessons to the those who need it. From the look of things, it seems like the indifference is worse as compared to the scorn of many people (Pelayo 55). At that particular moment when the angel is leaving, Marquez writes that she kept watching him even though she was cutting onions, she kept on watching until it was impossible for her to see her him. This is because he was no longer an annoyance in her life but an imaginary dot on the horizon despite all the gifts and wealth that the angel had indirectly brought her. It is rather absurd that its human nature to be ungrateful of the good deeds done on us, Marquez goes on to explain to us of the unwillingness of the human to see what is in front of us. The people in the story fight hard to survive in the story. The an...
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