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Cosmonomics by author Italo Calvino (Book Report Sample)

The name of the book is "Cosmonomics" by author Italo Calvino.There are 12 mini stories and I'm suppose to pick 3 that were my favorite.And for the other nine I'm suppose to write 3-4 sentences about each one.This is a book report that is due tomorrow.Thank you source..
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Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino
The book Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino consists of 12 short stories that were translated into English in 1968 though the short stories were first published in 1965 in Italian. During the writing of the book, each story was based on a scientific fact though some of the facts have been disapproved presently. This essay reviews three short stories and describes others in a few sentences.
In the short story, "The distance of the Moon”, Calvino tries to display a relationship between three people and an outer space body. The parties are interlinked by the need to travel any length in order to be with the loved ones. The main aim of this short story is to elaborate how people transform, interaction and the society level and changes in self identity. Though displayed as a romantic story, the scientific theory behind it is the distance between the moon and the earth.
"All at One Point" is another Calvino`s short story whose central point is that, all matter in the world existed at a single position. This story refers to the Edwin Hubble P. arithmetic calculations on galaxy velocity. He further explains that that the creation later expanded and occupied the space that was initially occupied by the space. Qfwfq argues, "Where else could we have been? Nobody knew then that there could be space. Or time either: what use did we have for time, packed in there like sardines?”(Calvino 43). The scientific point that Calvino puts across in this story is ab...
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