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Responsibility of Christians (Coursework Sample)


Please read the instructions and grading rubric document for this assignment very thoroughly and carefully (ALL documents are located in the additional files area of this order). ONLY use the sources I asked for in the instructions document. Do not plagiarize, whatsoever. AGAIN, follow the prompt of this assignment very thoroughly; question MUST be answered correctly and appropriately.

506: Discussion Board 02 Instructions and Grading Rubric


Read all instructions and rubrics carefully before writing your discussion board. You are responsible for having read and understood these documents.


VERY IMPORTANT: After viewing the assigned video on “The Cold War in Context”, synthesize the information from the video into a response to the following question: “What is the responsibility of Christians with regards to Communism and Capitalism and the mandates of the Gospel?


To access the video, “The Cold War in Context”, use this link, http://itunes(dot)apple(dot)com/us/course/id530190642. If you do not have iTunes, I suggest you install it, please do so (it is free). “The Cold War in Context” video is number 4 on this list. Then click “View In iTunes”. You should be able to view the video by simply doing that. It is free and does not require you to log in or an account of any type. (To access and view video is completely free).


Not only will you cite the video itself, but you will also use and cite 3 biblical scriptures for support. These scriptures MUST be appropriate, and not picked at random or even used randomly. This PDF file “The Cold War and Its Aftermath” by Saul Bernard Cohen gives you insight into the Cold War, etc. Also read the PDF files “Christianity, Capitalism, and Desire-Can Religion Still Make a Difference?” and “The Christian Answer to Communism”. Remember to cite all sources by also including their correct page number. All files will be in the “Additional Files” area of this order. With video (as main source and citation), biblical scriptures (Bible), and PDF files, that’s a total of 5 sources that must be used and cited.


***Further Instructions on Assignment:

Please follow instructions above and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully. Make sure this assignment has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.  Must be formatted in current Turabian style and include a bibliography. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for citations. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. DO NOT STRAY FROM WHAT THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ASKING; MAKE SURE TO COVER ALL AREAS BEING ASKED (ABOVE UNDER “PROMPT”). Remember, this is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important.


ONLY use the sources I’ve asked above.


Remember, you MUST synthesize the information from the video into a response that answers the question (which is above in BOLD).


It is important to think critically as well as thinking outside the box.


Again, you MUST answer the question thoroughly and concisely by explaining and giving examples.


Responsibility of Christians with regards to Communism and Capitalism and the mandates of the Gospel
506: Discussion Board 02
Throughout the Cold War, there was growing distrust of communism among American Christians, and the US foreign policy primarily focused on an anti communist ideological approach. In looking at the foreign policy formulations the costs of allowing communist to spread would have costly to Americans and Christians as a whole. The focus on negotiated solutions or either military intervention of communist nations, were policies which the US relied on to advance ‘democracy’ following the threat of autocratic communists. To Christians, capitalist ideals allow them to follow God’s will with each person being held accountable for their actions and decisions unlike communism. This essay focuses on the responsibility of Christians with regards to Communism and Capitalism and the mandates of the Gospel
For the duration of the Cold War, capitalists and communists were on opposing sides and the Cold War shaped many policy adoptions in America. In order to stop the spread of communism, America intervened directly to support regimes in countries like Iran and Iraq. This would go on to have long lasting effects on America’s foreign policy. In the US, halting the spread of communism also reverberates today among American Christians. Communism relegates the role of God and Christianity in people’s lives, assuming that it is merely an illusion to control people. Christians have a responsibility to back capitalism, given that communism denies people their individuality, and ignoring the role of man as a moral being.
The ideological battles between communism and capitalism was most prevalent all through the Cold War after both the Soviet union and the US worked together to defeat Germans in World War 2. The threat of nuclear holocaust influenced the two nations, but after World War 2, the two never really went to war, but they sent their troops to various countries to support countries following the two competing ideologies. It is the fear of the spread of communism and other ideologies seeking to topple capitalist nations that has given impetus to the War on Terror. Con...
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