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Connection Between The Religious Beliefs And Conflict Resolution (Coursework Sample)


Please follow the requirements and it is going to be PtA 1200 words, PtB 1300 words. Please include personal engagement, and please do F1.

A choice of two titles is given in each of Sections F and G below. Candidates should base their coursework on one title only, taken from either Section F or Section G.
F. 1 A case study on the connection between the religious beliefs of a major world religion and
its members' commitment to non-violent means of resolving conflict.
F. 2 • Discrimination in Ireland • Poverty in Ireland • World Hunger
An analysis of how the understanding of justice and peace in a major world religion encourages its members to address the structural causes of one of the issues listed above.

G. 1 A profile of the origins of using mantra and sacred text in meditation techniques and
the significance of these forms of prayer for members of one major world religion today.G. 2 Sacraments are central to worship in some Christian traditions.
An evaluation of the evidence for this statement making reference to the role sacraments play in worship for the members of two Christian denominations.


Connection between the Religious Beliefs and Conflict Resolution
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Connection between the Religious Beliefs and Conflict Resolution
Religion is the belief in a superhuman God or gods concerning the origin, nature, and purpose of the unknown phenomenon in the whole universe and even the world itself. Religion is sacred and divine as it connects the humans to the creator. The followers of a religion must be involved in devotional and rituals strictly not violating any guidelines set for the followers to follow. When practiced for a long time by a given society, it becomes a culture with designated behaviors and fully guided by a superhuman being that highly sacred. Every religion has its own practices, nature and universe views, texts and books, code of ethics, social and economic organization among others. These characters in a certain religion are solely meant to connect the humans to the superhuman that they believe in. The practices for instance, that identify a certain religion are their mode and means of conducting their usual worship. Sacrifices, funeral services, marriage ceremonies, feasts, prayers, music and instruments, type or arts, dancing are some of the clear indicators and identity that a religion portrays. The different religions in the world are practiced in a huge geographical area that exhibits almost same cultural practices.
Religion spread and expansion has been met with several obstacles in its spreading from the atheists and agnostics. These are people who do not believe in the existence of any superhuman creature that controls the world. The lack of hard evidence to prove that God exists was and remains to be the greatest challenge towards the spread of the world's greatest religions. The great men and women who facilitated the spread of different religions encountered large and intense resistance to their effort.
Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, 5.8 billion people who are 84% of the world's population are members of the five big religious groups. There are above ten thousand religions that are distinct in the world and which has their set of culture and supernatural beings that influence their lives directly or indirectly. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and folk religion are some of the most dominant religions that exist in this world. The 20th century was when most of the work was done to spread to the roots of each religion. Significant work was done by missionaries and other philanthropists who went to every corner of the world to spread the doctrines of religion. Since many people had no distinct religion which they followed, it was easy for the missionaries to spread and integrate a religious culture in the society and align it in a manner that ensured a continuation in the coming generations.
Christianity is one of the common and dominant religions in the world and has its concrete base in the Western countries and most parts of Africa. The Christian faith is well established in areas where the Christian missionary and philanthropist went and assimilated different cultures into the Christian religion. Islam is another major religion that is mostly practiced in the Middle East and the better part of North Africa. Places that Islam traders and historians made their indoors was influenced by the religion and got assimilated, and generations have propagated it to be their religion.
Religion apart from being a connection between the humans and their Creator that explicitly influence how they live, it also acts as a way to control and tame the world from evil deeds. Atheists argue that religion is a human-made scheme that aims to bring peace and harmony to the world by preventing the people from being involved in malicious activities that will ru...

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