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Coursework About Homelessness Has Been Increasing In Houston (Coursework Sample)


I have two activity assignments due for my english class. one page for each activity would be perfect. I will include instructions on both and I will also include notes from lecture to help aid with the activities.
Activity 1: Causal Analysis
Causal Analysis (or cause and effect) is a way to determine the root of the problem--what happened to create the problem. It is also a way to examine positive and negative outcomes of a solution to that problem (if implemented, would the solution work or create more problems?). If someone attempts to solve a problem without addressing the actual root cause, the problem won't actually be resolved since the person is merely throwing solutions at a symptom of the underlying problem. In many cases, there may be multiple root causes that all need to be addressed in order to solve the problem.
Problem: Homeleness in Houston
Brainstorm what could be the cause
Brainstorm a few solutions that could hit at the root of the problem
The proposed solution should be: feasible, fiscally responsible, sustainable over at least 10 years, socially responsible.
+5 Extra Credit for at least one real solution that has been tried and failed (and why), and one real solution that has been tried and succeeded (and why). Be sure to name where this solution occurred.
Activity 2: Problem & Solution
By mixing Comparative Analysis and Causal Analysis, someone can determine the most effective solution to a problem, something that is fiscally responsible, feasible, sustainable, and socially responsible.
This activity is based on what you did for the Homelessness in Houston activity, only it combines all three methods of analysis together. Use what you already did for the previous activity as your foundation, and then add a Comparative Analysis of multiple solutions to choose the best solution for this metropolitan area.
In a 1-2 page response, complete the activity.
Problem: Homelessness has been increasing in Houston.
Brainstorm what could be the causes of the increase in homelessness.
Brainstorm a few solutions that would hit at the root of the problem.
Compare each solution and their effects to determine the best solution.
The proposed solution should be feasible, fiscally responsible, sustainable, and socially responsible. The solution should resolve the actual root of the problem.
For extra credit, include at least two real solutions that have been tried. One solution must have failed and one solution must have succeeded. Explain why these solutions worked or failed.


Homelessness has been increasing in Houston
Institutional Affiliation
Activity 1
Problem: Homelessness in Houston
The access to permanent housing empowers people to overcome homelessness. However, for a considerable number of people in Houston, it is not the case as they live in both unsheltered and sheltered living facilities. The lack of jobs consequencing in the absence of income primarily cause homelessness in Houston. On estimate, fifty percent of all homeless people in Houston cite that they have not received any income or benefits for the disabled or veterans in more than six months. The situation robs these people of the ability to support themselves, afford and maintain housing thus, becoming homeless.
To end the problem of homelessness, the city of Houston could implement solutions such as increasing the number of sheltered facilities, providing emergency services such as food; clothing, shelter, and implementing a program designed to help the homeless find a source of income. The solution of a program to help the homeless get a source of income is the best. The city would achieve this by connecting them with an income counselor who would assess one's expertise, capabilities, and interests and help them develop income plans. The plans could be obtaining public financial support for an individual who can utilize their expertise to start an income generating activity or securing employment in both the private and public sectors for them.
Previously tried solutions
Houston managed to decrease the number of its homeless people by fifty percent from 2012 to 2015. The city achiev

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