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Proposal Argument Assignment: Grapple With Homelessness (Essay Sample)


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Wenguang Zhao
Trine University
Introduction to Problem and the audience
Cities increasingly grapple with homelessness, while facing budget cuts to various services, but the failure to tackle homelessness creates more problems. While there are homeless people addicted to drugs and alcohol, some are there because housing is expensive and they have no reliable sources of income. Homelessness may result in the city spending more on welfare in a never ending cycle without finding a solution to homelessness. There are various factors associated with the risk of homelessness, including individual factors like those fleeing domestic abuse, and even those who can longer earn a living because of health conditions and disabilities. The problem of homelessness is further com[plicated when the homeless suffer mental health issues and alcohol or drug dependence (Benston, 2015). Homelessness is a problem that affects even the youth, and stakeholders ought to work together to address the problem, as city officials, and residents are the audience who should be concerned with the problem at the local level.
Proposed solution
Sometimes personal struggles cause people to be homeless while those who try moving away from unstable lifestyles have few options to choose from. Identifying the homeless youths, including the runaways is difficult when they are isolated, but when it is possible to reach them it helps to improve access to affordable housing services. Homelessness can affect anyone, yet fewer support policies that would enhance affordable housing to deal with homelessness. Yet connecting the homeless with affordable housing and support services will potentially make it easier to have a sense of security, as the homeless would lead a more stable life.
Opponents of publicly funded affordable housing for the homeless are likely to see this as a waste of resources , while citing personal responsibility and choices as the factors that influence outcomes in life including homelessness. However, this is simplistic as the potential benefits of sheltering the homeless means that they become more independent. Counseling services are integrated in the intervention and those who agree to live in the provided apartments will pay up over time. The idea of providing housing for the homeless as has been tried in Utah and has been successful (Bertrand, 2015). This option worked since it is a more permanent solution compared to using halfway houses and shelters, which do not offer stability compared to permanent housing. Apartments would be identified to house the homeless, with Indiana paying for the apartment housing using funds provided by the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development, with the houses in Indianapolis and program would first target those who are chronically homeless.
Feasibility of proposal
While the proposal highlights the need to connect the homeless to permanent housing, the support of elected officials is necessary for the initiative to succeed. In the case of Utah, the state saved costs after providing the permanent housing, and this option can work in cities when there is strong support for stakeholders (Bertrand, 2015). It cost $ 20,000 per year to provide temporary shelters and other typical costs for the homeless, but $ 8,000 annually when permanent housing was provided and there was transition into the main society (Bertrand, 2015). The representatives of social workers will lobby for more funds targeting the homeless and this will increase attention to address the issue of homelessness. Providing permanent housing to homeless people while addressing mental wellbeing

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