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Assignment ECON 3200: Money And Banking Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This is the second Fed Watch Assignment for ECON 3200. Please follow the link below to Dr. Tim Duy's latest Fed Watch Newsletter. After reading through it, submit a writeup both analyzing Dr. Duy's claims as well as your take on his views. This particular newsletter has a couple of good links included to help you.
Fed Watch - 2/11/18 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
As an analytical exercise, there is no page requirement for this write-up. It is to be however long it needs to be for you to clearly and accurately address the needs of the assignment. This will include analyzing both his thesis and providing a well-rounded response based on your individual analysis. You are expected to use the data provided in the newsletter as well as any extra data you feel pertinent to your argument. The most commonly used macroeconomic data resource is the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database, though a quick Google search can yield a plethora of useful results as well. 
You will submit your write-ups via Canvas, which will then be screened for plagiarism by Turnitin. All documents must be in .pdf form.
This is the homework from Econ 3200 Money and Banking. It is a analysis work. I will give you the requirement for this work. Last time I lost half score from each point. So make sure you get the point. If you can't do this, let me know couple hours before the deadline. In case I have no time to do it by my own.


Stick to the Forecast
Dr. Tim Duy’s latest newsletter on Fed Watch highlights issues with the Fed officials’ message to the market’s participants that they do not care about the market’s pain. According to the author, the Fed officials are more concerned with the bigger picture, which is the economic forecast, of which it projects the gradual hike of rates (Duy). They concentrate more on economic forecasting, not feeling the pain of market participants resulting from their policies. The evidence brought forward by Dr. Duy is when he quotes the New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley, who dismissed the move of the market as mere “small potatoes.” He believes that a small swing in the market can hurt someone, or put one on the bad side of leverage trade (Duy). He thinks that the Fed officials tend to forget the financial lessons learned from the previous financial crisis, and c

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