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Create an Argument on How Animal Research Should Not Be Conducted Using the Reason That It Is Too Expensive (Speech Presentation Sample)


Create an argument on how animal research should not be conducted using the reason that it is too expensive. Use the American government spending as one of the points. Try to get 3 major points, and then find and talk about other types of research methods and how they would be able to save money and are better than Animal research because it is cheaper etc. If you could write 300 words that would be awesome!!!


Create an Argument on How Animal Research Should Not Be Conducted Using the Reason That It Is Too Expensive
Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that animal research is expensive and there are cheaper alternatives that are not time consuming.
It is expensive to conduct animal testing, and the benefits do not necessarily outweigh the costs as the researches are time consuming and expensive. The taxpayers bear the cost to the tune of billions of dollars, yet little is done to ensure that there is proper management of the public funds (Terrance).
It is the wealthy researchers who benefit the most from animal researchers, while the taxpayers’ money could be used in other areas of health care like Medicare targeting older people (Terrance). In any case, the experiments are at times cruel, and the experiments are inadequate and unnecessary like experiments in obesity when animals and human beings have different eating habits and lifestyles.
If the government uses money

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